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  1. Dennis - how did I miss the fact you were in town last night? What was the occasion? - damn...
  2. It was awesome..... Dennis will be posting pics when he gets back from SF.
  3. You are a lucky lucky girl Jenny...you must be havin just an absolute blast...what a preview of your trip to the Ranch...You must be riding on a cloud and dizzy at the same time. You are going to be exhausted before you even get to the Ranch. But make sure you send Dennis back in one piece...all his Bunnies are probably dying to see him.

    Again, see you in November.

    Jamie Lee :wink:

    P.S. I love your virtual journal...It's a great way to live vicariously through you...lol.
  4. I would have loved to have been there. Just saw the ad in the Observer. P1's Wild Ass Circus which got dropped on the Ticket.

    Jenny, when are you working again and where. Would love to see u b4 u leave. Your journal is great. Take care.
  5. Awww thank you honey, thats so sweet of you. I have to be honest... Dennis has twice the energy I do... He should be back tommorrow morning... I know he was in one piece when he left dallas.... I am dying to come out to the ranch now... only 15 days to go!! I actually did sleep late the next day.... I have been keeping a virtual journal for a couple years now and I decided it was time to make a new one for the new adventure in my life....
  6. Jenny

    I cant wait to see the pics of you and Dennis in Dallas....I am also glad you sent him back in one peice...I have missed him...

    Try to get lots of rest so that you will be more than ready for the marathon that is the Bunny Ranch. Im sure you will be a welcome addition.

  7. It really was great, Dick & Sunny are awesome people... he put on a great show... you know the good thing about him being dropped is it has opened him up to bigger & better things. He is full of talent not to mention one of the best wives I've ever met.

    I am actually flying out in 10 hrs... I have some family things to take care of before I go out to the ranch, I'll still be posting on my journal, unsure as of right now when I'll be on the forum....

    When i come back home (Dallas) at the end of November, I'll either go back to babydolls which is where i am currently or go to the Clubhouse, they have made some offers to do feature work there.... we'll see what happen's. PM me I'll keep you updated!
  8. Thats cool Jenny. I'm so glad for you. Can;t wait to see at the MBR
  9. I can't wait to see the pictures from Dallas also. You are having a whirlwind life right now Jenny. I'll be at the Ranch in 16 days. I'll see you there. Good luck with your family stuff.

    I think Dennis should have a welcome gathering one night at NV50 for the newest Bunnies coming in November...Just a thought....like on that Thursday night since we can't work that evening anyway. :D

    Anyway, see you out there baby doll.

    Jamie Lee :wink:

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