REVIEW Cross-house party for the ages, what a November weekend in Nevada!

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  1. I wanted to put this review up as soon as the party happened, but I do like writing/typing out the story of these weekend trips to Carson City, and until this morning, my access to the internet was on my phone, possible but not "ideal" for telling a story that was very meaningful to me!

    I'm "hooked", not in an obsessive way, but in a "dammit, I LOVE spending time just around her" way with the Sagebrush Ranch's @EllieMoore ! (I know, surprised right? I mean, the girl considers me the unofficial president of her Fan Club ;)). Without getting repetitive on the info from my summer party with Ellie, she is the "teenage crush feeling" I had plenty of times going back a couple of decades, but never had the guts or timing to do anything about it. Now, years later, a much more confident me has the opportunity to meet somebody I just find wildly attractive, but more importantly, undeniably sweet. I can't begin to say how lucky I feel to have the immediate feeling of attraction over a video screen, but then, upon multiple in-person meetings, have the real thing be so much better than you ever imagined. Ellie is beyond words GREAT, I don't quite know how to phrase it properly, other than I like her bunches!

    So, after I DROVE in July to party with Ellie, I began a layaway account at Sagebrush for autumn, preferably around a monthly party. I had to work around potential roadblocks with work, and, eventually, Saturday, November 10th, as part of the Wild West party, became my goal. I checked with Ellie on her schedule, and she was back on tour on November 8th! BINGO! All things were ready to roll!

    The story begins on Friday night. It was the first Friday night since August I DIDN'T have to be out and about covering a football game. My flight for Nevada left at 7:30 on Saturday morning, and I figured on leaving about 4 AM (early, but I've had to get up earlier, so it was fine).

    The biggest question I was asking myself, particularly since Ellie enjoys our time together, but also showed an interest in adding a girl to our fun, was, "if I add a girl, who will it be?" and, from the financial aspect, would splitting my potential fun with Ellie 50/50 instead of 100% with her, be worth it?". I left those questions for a negotiation session, but was fairly certain that the girl that I had 'noticed' a couple of times on Livestream, and certainly on her "Save the Brothels" inspiring life story, @JuniperJones , would be involved.

    @JuniperJones , now that girl is just one of the best women I've met............ever! Pretty as the day is long! Not a mean bone in her body, both she and Ellie, while being beautiful, aren't arrogant about it, they both have the "everyday girl who knows they are 'OK in the looks department", but they're not flaunting it out there. When you combine pretty outside with a heart of gold inside, WOW, that's Juniper (and Ellie too)! Juniper was EXACTLY the same person I was attracted to on camera, and now even more-so in-person.

    So on Friday night, on my phone in my living room, I brought up the Livestream from Love Ranch North at 8 PM, and, while I don't remember many specifics, I do remember the anxiousness of knowing that, when I saw Juniper, I was 99% certain I'd be partying with her about 24 hours later. It was a GREAT feeling! Halfway through the session, somebody in chat says, "OMG, can you imagine a party with Juniper Jones, Ellie Moore, and Minnie Bea? That might kill a man (I'm paraphrasing a bit LOL)!". I, knowing that I was planning a cross-house party the next night with Juniper and Ellie, just typed in a little knowing grin. By 9:30, half-hour after the stream ended, I was asleep!

    The flights out to Reno on Saturday morning were easy, no issues, I packed cheap and small, and was able to take my small suitcase onto the plane, with no extra fees for checking luggage (NICE!). I was ready to lavish Ellie with three gifts, so I had a small wrapped box in my suitcase. My flights went to Dallas, and then to Reno. Got to the Reno airport early afternoon on Saturday and, despite not feeling overwhelmed with nervousness (so I thought), realized my stomach was doing loops and making me feel just blah after the plane landed in Nevada. It was definitely a sign of nerves, which is good I guess, if you're nervous, it means something to you, right? The driver took me first to Gold Dust West to check in, and second, out to Sagebrush to see Ellie!

    I had three gifts for Ellie, I guess they can be considered "Early Christmas gifts", but in reality, they were, "You're awesome, and you deserve to know that!!!!" gifts. Two were necklaces, one with her birthstone, Alexandrite, one more everyday look with lots of different colors on it, had a definite "Ellie-Vibe" (thanks for the idea @C_Note_KY ). She also received Size 6 "glass slippers" she requested in her thread. Juniper and Ellie had met for the first time the night before, and Juniper had e-mailed me, on Saturday morning, about how adorable Ellie was, and I "had good taste!". I went across the street to meet Juniper for the first time. As I mentioned earlier, just a fantastic woman all the way around!

    Ellie had things to set up for in preparations for the party that night, and (by this time it was 5 PM) I had two hours to burn before Ellie, Juniper, and I would meet and start our fun together! Two hours to burn is an awkward spot for me. If I go back to the hotel and take a nap, it's an hour at most, and I'll get up in that half-assed groggy state for an hour afterwards. Sooooooo, instead of doing that, I made my way over to Madam Suzette's strip club next door. That would be a great way to have time just fly by, right? I actually met a really great girl over there, had just started two weeks prior, named "Montana", we talked quite a bit, she danced for me a couple of times, was very fun! Before I knew it, it was 6:59 and it was back to the Sagebrush!

    I walked in the front door (and no I really didn't "dress up" for the Wild West party, I wanted to, but a mid-week very expensive car payment prevented it, so blue jeans and a black dress shirt had to work for me!). Ellie ABSOLUTELY nailed the Wild West saloon girl look! Thigh-high black stockings, boots, and a perfect saloon dress hanging off her shoulders had me staring at her in amazement! She looked GORGEOUS! After about 15 minutes of Ellie and I talking, Juniper was called over. She was rocking a super cute dress and stockings of her own, and, after the payments/negotiations were completed, we were ready to rock!

    No specifics here, but there were plenty of moments in the fantasy suite, the most funny to me was the hot tub, 80 percent filled with water, and the girls tell me to jump in and "test the temperature". Ummmm, so I jump in, and literally, it's hot enough that I'm not quite sure if skin will start melting off my shins! Juniper jumps in, looks at Ellie, and says, "Yeah, he's not exaggerating, this isn't gonna work for right now!". LOL, if we would've sat down, we would've had 1st-degree burns from our belly buttons to our toes! hahahaha

    As far as the other activities, just speaking from the emotional side and not the physical side of a "party", it 'blew me away'. The whole brothel experience, for me, has never been the "OMG OMG OMG, I'm gonna have sex!!!!!!!!!!" reaction. That, before-hand, is a part of the excitement, but afterwards, it is the intimacy of being close to really kind-hearted women that genuinely "have fun/like/are attracted to" me that does it for me! I entered that room with Ellie as easily by favorite courtesan by a pretty good margin (while attracted to both, I had a great chemistry and connection with Ellie), by the time the buzzer sounded and it was time to get dressed I left with Ellie as my 1A and Juniper as my 1B. I felt like a prince (I did this party and travel completely in male mode) when I'm with them! The most sensual moments I've ever experienced, with zero two-girl awkwardness at all!

    I spent Sunday at the hotel watching football in the gambling room, got very tired, was asleep by 8 PM, checked out the next morning at 10:30. I had about five hours to burn before heading to the airport, so thought, "if the driver in the cul-de-sac has to take me anyway, I should just be there right?". Went to the Sagebrush and bought myself a drink and printed off my boarding passes! At about 11 o'clock, sunglasses in tow, Ellie comes strolling into the parlor, I had an idea a fellow board member is working on, potentially for March, I wanted to float by her, so we retreated to her room for discussion.

    Later on, about noon, I headed across the street to Love Ranch North, as Juniper was also involved in this discussion or "potential party", and I wanted to run the idea by her. I enter the parlor there and learn that Juniper is off Monday. Oh well, I saw and introduced myself to Sandi Benks. Five minutes later, who would come waltzing in the front door? JUNIPER! Long story short, between Juniper, Sandi, and myself, we basically chatted until it was time for me to leave for the airport. Got a negotiation discussion with Juniper as well, with the potential of the party in March, and even the possibility (or dare I say probability of an out-date in the near future).

    Monday night, Tuesday morning, saw two more flights (Reno to Phoenix, Phoenix to home) and a drive home in REALLY COLD weather, got home at 1:40 AM, fell asleep at 2:10 AM, woke up at 6:00 AM! Tired today!

    @EllieMoore and @JuniperJones , I don't know if it is possible to reach that level of cross-house, sexy, in-tune, two-girl, brothel magic, for me! It was just so over-the-top amazing in my mind! Multiple times during the party, my mind drifted to the simple thought, "How lucky am I? Two girls, both I really care about, having fun with me, and they get along like sisters, both physically and mentally!". Their chemistry was awesome, and I want both of them to know that I had the most enjoyable 90 minutes of my life with them. Nothing else even comes close! The only downside, man oh man did that time run out fast! You know what they say, the more fun you're having, the quicker the time moves, so true! Thank you Ellie and Juniper, for making me feel like the luckiest man in the world!
  2. Stellar review Jess- glad I could help you along with the “Juniper Ellie Minnie” party comment in the Livestream chat! :)

    Did you have to make two seperate appointments at two seperate houses with two seperate deposits for the two girl- or did you just call one house and make an appointment for both at once and put down one deposit?
  3. I actually made deposits to an "Ellie account" from July to November, taking whatever I could out of a paycheck and watch the number grow! It was initially an Ellie-only party, but the possibility of Juniper grew in my mind, especially as November hit. I really was torn on the "wanting Ellie for 100% with a number I hadn't spent with her before, but also wanting the fun of two girls that I really liked a bunch!" - It was strictly an-Ellie party account, locked in the date with her. Started checking with Juniper, via e-mail last week, about the potential that she could be there. She loved the idea, met Ellie on Friday night, loved meeting her for the first time. They discussed finances privately with one another, we discussed it as a group of three on Saturday, the fair thing was 50/50 payout, which I of course agreed to. She was called over to Sagebrush about 7:15. So the "Ellie Account" was considered a very large "deposit", since, as it turned out, that paid for about 85% of the total cost. There was no negotiations or pre-payments I made to Juniper or Love Ranch North
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    This was an amazing review Jess. It was great meeting you & Im glad that you had a great time with those two lovely ladies.
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  5. Thanks @gLip5 loved meeting u 2! Saturday was a great time for sure!
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    While I am not 100% sure MMW (as I have yet to jump off the 2-Girl High Dive ) I believe that is up to the ladies. The key I've seen is to contact both ladies first and see if they have chemistry with the other lady. Then I'm sure a small deposit for both of them would be appreciated then you could build up a budget at one of the houses they could split.

    I'm just glad that a cross house party is not considered an "outdate" if the lady is staying on the cul de sac, just going to another house
  7. Completely agree on the chemistry there--like any job not all co-workers get along. Mostly looking at the proper logistic procedure-don't want to waste the wrong person's time calling the wrong house twice or anything...
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  8. There was also the fact that with setting up this party, I would have perfectly content and happy as a clam to have a 1-on-1 with Ellie, but the closer the date to the party got, the more that adding Juniper felt like the move to really put this thing over the top, so I would've been overjoyed with either option. So once I checked with Juniper about availability and fit with Ellie, it's not like if that wasn't pulled off, everything with my plans would've fallen apart :)
  9. Wonderful reviews of a even more wonderful girl! Book her today!
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    cumishaamado Love Virgins, Couples & Girlfriend Experience

    Awesome review!!! I love it!!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    fantastic review. After meeting Ellie, I will be in you your fan club for her. I was smitten by her smile, charm, & beauty. She's next for me. Looks like I missed you by one day as I had my Gold Star Party (Roxy & Draven) the very next night. Just hope the snow isn't too bad this winter so I can drive back soon.
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    Congratulations on a wonderful cross house party, Jess! This is what it's all about. Having fun with very fine ladies :)
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  13. There's absolutely room in @EllieMoore fan club @foreverman I was actually in bed after a wonderful night, I watched the sagebrush livestream from a week ago, that had ellie added at the very end, I was awestruck with everything. Smile, attitude, ease of interaction, flirtiness, fun nature, I literally am attracted to the littlest things about her, watching her tonight on my screen felt like 8 months ago seeing her as the chatgirl, I got goosebumps
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  14. I hope you can get there this winter. I hate driving in snow, so unpredictable. I do have a big event in mound house planned for late march, without going into full details, hopeful of maybe swinging an out date or overnight, if not then, than later in the spring
  15. Yay! Epic adventures at the cul de sac with beautiful ladies! :)
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    I love reading your awesome review!!! Plan on scheduling your holiday parties with @JuniperJones and @EllieMoore today and have them fulfill your fantasies to cum!!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    EllieMoore Local lover, available 24/7 by appointment!

    Honestly...I may have teared up reading your review Jessie...I am just so happy that you're so happy with me, with the ranches, and with Juniper (I'm a bit in love with her too, sweet pie, she's probably an angel)...
    The warmth and connection and happiness that you feel with me is exactly why I'm working in this industry. I love being someone's heartfelt companion, someone that can laugh with you, get scalded by bathwater with you, and make you feel everything you need and deserve to feel. I always want to be someone that can be counted upon to make you feel better, about your day, about a mistake, about anything. It makes me feel incredibly happy and fulfilled to have found such a connection with you and I really look forward to seeing how our relationship strengthens over time...and how our relationship with Juniper strengthens hehe ;)

    I love you Jessie, in the "you've brought something to my life I never expected to have and I would feel great loss if I weren't able to see you again" kind of way.
    Sending you a million kisses!
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  18. Now THAT is a wonderful thing to read on a cold Tuesday morning @EllieMoore! Have any tricks to kick my butt out of bed that don't include, if you don't you'll be late for work! Lol
  19. No question, a message board planned dudes weekend to the brothels would be off the charts, time to plan?!
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    That would be called St Pats weekend.
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  21. Correct, I may need to hope for a no work weekend and start rubbing the blarney stone!
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    Or you can do what I do and just tell your supervisor

    “Hey, I’m not coming in the weekend of St. Pats! If you have a problem with that... oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to raise my voice. I meant to say, I am politely asking for St. Patrick’s weekend off please.”
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