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  1. I had another fabulous time with CoCo last weekend!
    Shes beautiful as always when i arrived at the ranch after sitting in the plane for 40 minutes after we landed on a 25 min flight. CoCo is a great person to talk with and just get comfortable with. Time with her is a joyful experience. Afterwards we spent some time in the hot tub deciding what to do for the night.
    We decided to head to Tahoe and go to the club Lux in Harrahs recommended by Bunny Love. By far the best time I've ever had at the club. Its a great feeling knowing your walking into a club with the hottest girl there and everyone staring at ya. CoCo was smoking hot and cute that night and can she dance. Thought she had moves in the bedroom, you haven't seen anything till you see her on the dance floor. We had a great time at the club and i couldn't wait to get her back to the ranch!!!
    Another great thing CoCo does is cuddling. Definitely a wonderful experience and should be done all the time with her. Late in the morning we had breakfast and her waffles are delicious. After breakfast we played some Wii, watch out she's pretty good at Wii Sports.
    CoCo is a great person and definitely a real treat to spend time with her. Her fun outgoing attitude makes it hard to leave her. Always a sad when its time to leave the ranch.
  2. I know that you had a great time with her. I always have a blast parting with her so I know the feeling. And yes, she's a soar looser at the Wii games so I always let her win. Just playing. But she's good at it though.
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    Hey Sweetie! I had a fun time on our first experience together, but this one was absolutely amazing. The club was a lot of fun...and I'm so glad you danced with me. You have some good moves yourself!!! The whole night was a blast followed by more fun in the morning. I was sad to see you leave...but I'm anticipating our next experience together!!! Sending you big kisses......
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    Fun times....we partied like rockstars! We are most definitely doing this again soon! Can’t wait!

    CoCo Brantley
  5. Fun times indeed! Brings back wonderful memories of my time with Coco, and I can't wait to make it back to see her soon. She is truly one of a kind and will make anytime spent with her well worth it! Whether its on the dance floor or in the bedroom there are not enough great things to say about her, except can't wait till next time!
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    Awesome review!!! Have @CocoBrantley fulfill your fantasies to cum!!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

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