Bush/BunnyRanch Stimulus Program

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  1. The World Famous BunnyRanch with a proud 53-year history of stimulating its clients now doubles your pleasure!

    The first 100 clients to bring their U.S. Federal Stimulus Check to the BunnyRanch, in order to cash, will get double the amount of the check on their Ranch Pleasure Party.

    “You get a check from Mr. Bush & spend it on BunnyRanch Bush!” says Dennis Hof, owner of The World Famous BunnyRanch.

    “The Bunnyranch encourages our clients to spend their check at the Ranch, because we always give our customers the most bang for the buck.” says Hof, “We are putting a big Thank You Card in the parlor for all our clients to sign that cash their Federal Stimulus Check here.”

    The Thank You Card when signed by 100 clients (and the Bunnies!) will be sent to President George Bush at The White House.
  3. I wonder if that would work if I brought in a printout of my statement instead of a check as my stimulus amount was done by direct deposit? Dennis. any thoughts on this?
  4. I'm sure the easiest way to find out is just to call the ranch and ask what you'd need to do for proof.
  5. I called the ranch and they said you needed to have the actual check in your hot little hands. :(
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    Thats Awesome I love that they will send it in to the White house Classic that is cooool
  7. where does dennis come up with these ideas?! he is such a brilliantly funny man! i wish there were more dennis hof's out there!!!!
  8. Have you noticed that they ALWAYS find a way to drag the sex indusry into this whole big mess! The Bunny ranch had the Best May in Moonlite History last month! I personally think that if we didn't trial these convict on murder row and give them death instead of life....MAYBE just MAYBE out economy might have a little more to work with! Just sayin!!!!
    ~Bentley Jo
  9. I think it has to do with news now becoming profit centers rather than public service. They have to 'entertain' people. I sometimes find news programs trying to compete with the Daily Show or Colbert, which is pretty sad. (news should be news, there's no reason for them to try to compete with satirized versions of themselves).

    I've seen several versions of this article around. For whatever reason, most versions seem to minimize the fact that it's pretty much the remote brothels that are seeing a slowdown. This article mentions it in one sentence ("Brothels closer to Reno and Las Vegas ... say business is up this year.") and then moves on to make it, contextually, look like Dennis is offering the stimulus because business is down.

    The fairest article to MLBR, at least from what I saw, was Newsweek (http://www.newsweek.com/id/141848) where it actually uses Dennis' quote about business being up.

    Anyway, I think this is an industry where no publicity is bad publicity. So I'm just happy to be seeing the BR Stimulus program in so many places.

    I'm glad to hear that apparently I helped contribute to "the Best May in Moonlite History". Hmm... t-shirts anyone? (ie: "I helped make the Best May in MLBR history and all I got is this lousy t-shirt?")
  10. P.T Barnum is my mentor & andy Kaufman and I partied at the in the late 70's, these two guys came up with crazy stunts to promote their business.

    These are my roll models.
  11. Dennis,

    I want to thank you for offering that "Stimulus Check" deal you had in place during my recent vacation to Nevada.

    Before I left for my vacation to Nevada (to also include attending all the CWMC12 events), I noticed I still had my Stimulus Check on my kitchen counter and thinking "sh*t, I forgot to cash that thing again". But then I remembered reading on the message board about your Stimulus Check deal that was in place at your brothel. So, I packed it in my carry-on and brought it with me and I'm glad I did.

    I had figured that your Stimulus Check deal would be over with since it was mid July already but when I found out from the bar tender than it's still active, I said to myself "If I find the right lady tonight (i.e. the night of the CWMC12 party at the Moonlite), I will finally get to have a party at the Moonlite. I haven't partied at the Moonlite since about 2001 or 2002 but only because of financial reasons. Well, that night (July 18th), I found my lady (Barbie Bentley) while mingling with the ladies during the party. She looked so hot & those tiny black shorts she was wearing that night caught my attention so we took a tour. What followed was, without a doubt, the best party I've ever had. We had a blast and I was very satisfied (in many ways and many times in her bedroom) that I did my part to "stimulate" America's economy by "buying American" at the BunnyRanch. LOL.

    I think that's a cool idea about sending Mr. Prez a "Thank You" card with all the signatures (i.e. board handles) of those who participated in stimulating America's economy by using their Stimulus Check at the BunnyRanch. Now, if only I could get another one of those Stimulus Checks for next year along with that same generous offer from the BunnyRanch, I'd certainly like to repeat that party experience I had with Barbie Bentley again. That was a party experience I'll remember for a lifetime.

    The Hiking Guy (yet another Barbie Bentley fan club member)
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    Welcome to the club my friend.
  13. stimulus checks

    Okay,,,,,, everyone....it's not too late to cash your stimulus check and get double your party here at the World Famous Moonlite BunnyRanch.!!!!!
    The first 100 checks we cash gets to participate and we are on check # 78. So there is still time to have the time of your life!!!! see you soonski
  14. That's a damn good deal!!! Good thinking!!!
  15. OK I'm late to the party...

    My question is this.

    Because I reported a loss on my income taxes last year I didn't recieve a check.

    Makes sense, no income so I don't need the check.

    Do you think Dennis will help out a guy?

    My last visit was Halloween and next one is Thanksgiving.

    Something nice about being Home for the Holidays!


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