Bunny Gift Pack for returning customer?

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Hey Dennis-

    Ok, so I'm returning to the bunnyranch after three years! My last party was with Felicia Ryder & Rayne (remember her? I do!). But visited many times prior as well!

    I was wondering if you could throw a bunny gift pack my way - what's in it anyway?? Actually I've hared about the famed Dennis Dollars!

    I've enjoyed the cathouse series and am looking forward to returning to your - more famous - establishment.

    See ya Monday night!

  2. Dear Vortex, yes, I remember felicia and Rayne 2 of most favorite bunnies. I'll tell you what, you show up to party again at the Bunnyranch and there will be a bunny basket waiting for you. there are kinds of good stuff in there.
  3. Suzette- you rock!

    Thanks for the message. See ya soon!

  4. Have to postpone :(


    I'm a tad under the weather, can't make it today as I had hoped - and dreamed! Had to give up my tee time @ Edgewood too...

    I'll try to reschedule in a couple of weeks.


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