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  1. I have been a traveling PSE for a while and I want to join the ladies....what do you think??? I love to have a great time, good conversation, and of course great sex!!!!


    Hope 2 meet all of u soon!!!!

  2. send your pics and phone # to madam suzette. don't worry if you don't hear from her right away......
  3. I just did!!! Can't wait to hear back
  4. for a min there thought you ment buffy as the vampire slayer

  5. Nope....maybe sex slayer...lol
  6. good luck.. if you don't hear back from her for a couple of weeks, don't get worried. they get 1000's of emails a DAY.
  7. kevinz0071
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    Lol great idea for a porn movie Buffy the sex slayer. Nice avatar picture
  8. Actually, that topic for a movie has came up, so hmm...you never know!!! Thank you for the compliment on my pic...just shot it last week:)
  9. Your myspace is amzaing...wow..I call FIRST!
  10. Thanx....i'm adding some new things to it this week so make sure you visit again:)))

    Im still waiting on a call, but as soon as I hear back I will let you know what Suzette says, hopefully I will have a date of arrival by then...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Wow Buffy.. you are gorgeous!! I see you are in Miami.. I used to live in Ft. Laud/Hollywood area until last year and I moved to N. FL. I miss S. FL. so much!! So I hope everything goes well and you can join us ASAP!! xoxoxox
  12. Buffy

    Hey Buffy, you're HOT!!! I think you'd do well at the ranch. By the way.... I'm gonna suggest Buffy the Vampire LAYer..... whaddya think?
  13. Hmm..thank u!

    No need for stakes...be nice hunnie!!!!
    Any relation to the pornstar Bunny Luv..or just liked the name? U r way hotter:)))

  14. kevinz0071
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    Hi Buffy love the new picture how is the quest to become a bunny going???
  15. Note: This is a 2 year old thread!
  16. Had to do a double-take myself.
  17. Hi,Buffy.You are very hot and definately would be a welcome addition to the ranch.Welcome and good luck! [smilie=hot over you.gif]
  18. You're a couple years too late Traceit. She posted this thread two years ago.

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