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  1. Hey Dennis,
    Been having a blast getting to know your girls..Where is the closest nice casino to stay when i come out there. Been to reno dont really like it kinda bottom barrel. also what isd the closest airport that can handle a leer jet.....

    Thanks Mr Palm beach
  2. Mr. Palm...

    Would love to assist you!!! hehehe didn't you know.. all leer jets land here with me!!! :wink:
  3. really and where migh here be? ill be in iwoa next month on business ida grove to be exact...
  4. you can land it in Carson City, its 3 miles form the ranch, I might be able to put you in a VIP suite at the ranch, it depends on when.
  5. Mr. Palm,

    Private planes can land near me at the Iowa City airport...PM or email if you want specifics...

    Maybe we can do dinner or something..
  6. hey D, is there anything around thier besides the ranch? is probly a real desolate place huh.
  7. thanks for the info dennis ill let you know when iam coming out..

    Mr Palm beach

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