best date ever (part 1)Air Force Amy

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    This woman is amazing. I flew in from Chicago and after a long day of travel she picked me up at the airport in Reno. She was lovely. That smile of hers perked me right up. We drove to the ranch to take care of the business part and then she took me to her house where we relaxed and got reaquainted. She introduced me to her two cats Mufassa and Kiera. I took a shower and we had sex, 69 position. Then we took a bath together. We were getting hungry so she cooked chicken, vegatables, and salad for supper. It was great! Who knew a hooker could cook like that!! She gave me a massage on her massage table while she played some esoteric chakra music, then we had sex on the massage table. I was tired after the long day of travel so we went to bed rather early. Early the next morning we began to have sex in her bed (missionary position) when the frame collapsed. She was quite upset, as her bed is a very nice poster bed. But the true champion that she is we went into the spare bedroom and finished our lovemaking in there. I insisted that we try to fix the broken bed but at first she said no. She didn't think that we could lift the thousand pound mattress. With a little persuation she changed her mind and moved the furniture away from the bed and we removed the mattress (it's very thick and heavy) and repaired the supports under the box springs. She had all the tools. A Dewalt cordless drill!!! I didn't expect a woman to have that. Having made repairs we celebrated by having sex again. This time doggy on the side of the bed. It is now only 10 AM. She prepared some breakfast for me and then she worked on answering e-mails on her computer and confirming our travel arrangements. Where does she get the energy?? I just rested for awhile then cleaned up and packed my bags for the trip. She got ready and we got into her truck and she drove to the Reno airport with the rock'n'roll blasting on the cd player. Got to the airport, everybody seemed to know her and were friendly to me as well. It was fun to be running around with her. By the time we got to Las Vegas it was after 4PM. She had rented a car, a Dodge Charger that had a Hemi under the hood. She let that baby loose while tooling around the town. Watching her drive is a thrill all by itself, zipping through traffic like a NASCAR driver. She is truly amazing. She knows the town. She could be a tour guide. We stopped to pick up some incidental items at a Target store then proceeded to the Venetian where she had reserved a room. After checking in we went to the room and, as happens it was unacceptable so we changed rooms. The second room was great. Good view of the city. It's now around 6PM. I had concert tickets for Kid Rock at the Palms at 8. It's been a busy day, she washed me in the shower and we had sex again. We grabbed some food and headed out to the concert. This time we took a cab because who wants to drive home after a rock'n'roll show....While waiting for Kid to come on we went to a tarot card reader who was at the Palms. It was interesting, somewhat revealing. Air Force Amy was wonderful. She was attentive, affectionate, energetic, sexy, and FUN. The concert ROCKED of course. She took some pictures which she has posted. What a great night. A few people recognized her and wanted to take pictures. But it's been a long day so we went back to the hotel, had something to eat. By now I'm really getting tired from the events of the day. I am wondering why she never slows down. We get back to the room and she gives me a blowjob. It's after midnight and we go to bed. The next morning I wake up to the sound of Amy on the computer answering e-mails. When she sees that I am awake she joins me in bed and we have some pre-sex sex, then great sex in several postions. She ordered some breakfast to the room then went back to working on her computer while I relaxed. It's been a full two days for me. I needed the break in the action. Around 2 PM we decide it's time to get out and about. So we shower together again and had sex in the shower, first standing from behind then a blowjob and cum on her breasts with the water spalshing all over us. It was awesome. We went to the Stratophere where we went on the thrill rides up on top. She was so much fun. Then she thrilled me with her driving skills as we went to the Freemont Street experience. At about 9PM we went back to the hotel and ate at a very nice restaurant. Back to the room and more sex. Fantastic but it's all true. And it's not over yet....more later, that's all for now.


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