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  1. Bambi Angel and I had a 1.5 hour GFE (girl friend experience) party in early August.

    Bambi has the look and body of a high school cheerleader. Hot! Hot! Hot! Although she does not post many pictures, she is truly a beautiful woman. About 5’3” tall. petite, and a natural blond.

    Bambi and I had previously met and talked in the parlor. Bambi messaged me saying that she was looking forward to our party. That was a nice touch. She had a nine hour weather delay in one our busier airports. She messaged me again and we kept in touch. She hurried to see the doctor and to get ready for our party. Several at the ranch assisted with her efforts.

    Bambi and I did get to know each other much better during our party in more ways than one. I counted five and all were fun, pleasurable, and sensual. We took advantage of one of the out buildings, the HBO room, and shared a bottle of champagne during our party.

    I definitely recommend Bambi Angel for all who would enjoy an active, fun-filled party with a beautiful woman who has the look of a high school cheerleader, but who is experienced far beyond her years.
  2. ihad previously replied to this post via my cell phone, but until i read a note from my dear harold i hadnt realized ...there was no acknowledgement of his report! so either i didnt press submit correctly or something of a technical glitch occured. Either way..I AM SORRY! i had commented on what a wonderful time i had as well! And that im glad we were finally able to become even closer friends!

    I cant wait to see you in the upcoming week! Safe travels and See you soon!!!!! :)
  3. Party - Banbi Angel

    Bambi Angel and I had such a fun visit and satisfying party that we scheduled our second meeting for this month. I look forward to visiting Bambi again next Thursday.
  4. yes! i cant wait see you!! :)
  5. :) you guys have fun!
  6. thanks :) maybe one day we can have fun together!!! i think your super hot :)
  7. Bambi, You are always a sweet heart. I love you, babe!
  8. Thanks Maya!!! :) you are too!! This week i gotta get back in the gym wit ya!! your looking even better than b4!!!! :) not sure how thats possible but.......its tru!!!
  9. Maya looks better? How is that possible? She looks perfect just like you Bambi! I think we should all party!

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