REVIEW Another road trip to Nevada - Cops, Storms, Tickets, and ELLIE MOORE

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  1. Time for another review of a very, we'll call it 'memorable, some good, some not-so-much' long trip to Carson City, Nevada, to party with my Sagebrush sweetheart, @EllieMoore !

    I live A LONG WAY from Carson City, it is LITERALLY a 24 hour I left on Wednesday, August 7th at 8:45 PM (Ellie had just appeared on livestream). My plan, to save some money, as I was going to be on a tight budget, was too travel overnight (save on a hotel room) and through the day on Thursday, should get to Gold Dust West Thursday evening.

    To be honest, I remember very little about the travel there, so it was non-descript, geez it's long though! Here's the part where things start going haywire. Headed through Nevada on I-80, it was stormy, there were big thunderstorms dropping tons of rain and tons of wind, mostly on the mountains, but occasionally drifting over the interstate. After going through a deluge (those make me nervous for flash flooding reasons) I wanted to quickly check my phone to see where the storms were on radar, was curious if there would be any more in my way. I check, and yep, you guessed it, cherries in my rear-view mirror, was stopped just west of Elko, $115.00 worth of 'texting while driving' info GRRRRRR, Oh well lesson learned I guess, I will admit to being bad at times with this, but no more! The rest of the way into Carson City was quiet, although the amount of thunderstorms, and wind blowing around tumbleweed on the road, was CRAZY past Winnemucca!

    Let me, at this point, apologize to any of the girls that I met and may forget, as I'm trying to specifically remember everything, and it's kind of in a hazy mess. For example, Thursday night I barely remember checking into Gold Dust West. I'm trying to recall what I did exactly. I know going to Sagebrush to give a pair of gifts (a stuffed unicorn and VS red slippers) to @JadeJasper was done, I'm sure I slipped into the other houses as well, just can't remember specifics.

    Let's get to the party on Friday afternoon. I was going to get made over into "Jess" by @IndyaBaby at Kit Kat Ranch, and she did a fantastic job! I felt completely sexy and ready to go next door after some of the Kit Kat ladies snapped some pictures! Next door was, for the moment, Love Ranch North, where I got one of the most genuine reactions from @JuniperJones , she was mesmorized by the transformation and had to keep looking and looking. Love it! With the clock hitting 7:58 PM (party was at 8 with Ellie), I made my way to Sagebrush to have some fun!

    Meeting Ellie on my trips is ALWAYS my favorite part. I'll fully admit she means more to me that just a roll in the hay for awhile, she is my world when I'm in that house. We met, hugged, went back to her room, discussed details, booked, and got one of the suites to have some fun!

    Out of respect, I won't go into full details, but I'm overjoyed that every time we're together, for me, things go smoother and smoother. Friday night was UNBELIVABLE! The chemistry was through the roof, we tried a couple of different things, one that really gets me going, and the closeness thing that is discussed when you are intimate with a partner, I hadn't experienced it on that level until then.....It's not a physical intimacy, it's a physical and MENTAL intimacy, it blew my mind! The only downer was having the buzzer sound two seconds before Round 2 was set to begin! Ellie is TRULY the girl next door with a heart as big as the moon and smile that lights up my whole life! I couldn't even begin to say how much she means to me and how much I completely recommend you booking with her to get the time of your life! My next trip will HOPEFULLY be March, and with that much time to prepare, I am sincerely hoping that something really really memorable is right around the corner, I'm already brainstorming ideas!

    Saturday, I hung out with @gLip5 and had a heckuva good time! Got breakfast at Gold Dust West, a needed oil change before I left for home, and stopped by Sagebrush Ranch that evening for the Jungle Party. The girls outfits were unbeliveable! I don't know how she does it, but Ellie blows me away more every time she appears to me.....her pixie outfit (wearing shoes I bought her last year) was perfection! She looked like a shining blue angel in every way possible. Having to leave (for a brutal 24 hour trip) was killing me!

    I left at 9:45 with a big hug from Ellie (and Jade). I'm able to hide it quite well in person, but geez do my emotions pour out of me when I hit the road, I was a blubbering mess from Mound House all the way to Fernley.

    The driving really was night-marish. Got my first ever ticket on the way, and on the way back, I decided that pulling over at a rest stop would work for sleep. Here's where things go bad. I had, in checking out at GDW, forgot my glasses! So, now I'm stuck, I need sleep, but if I take out my contacts and tear them, I'm screwed......I'm basically blind without them, no way I can drive 22 more hours home. So I continue on. About 3:30 in the morning, I started downhill into Wendover. All of a sudden, a huge valley of WIND envelops everything, it was CRAZY! At that moment, I hear something in the back of my car break. My first thought was glass but I didn't think it was that loud. I pulled over and saw my back left blinker/headlight completely GONE! I was going 80 mph, so backing up on the interstate to try to find this stuff in the dark felt unsafe. I continue on, knowing that now, being pulled over for no tail-light, especially in the dark, is a real possibility.

    For the rest of the trip, got pulled over twice, once outside Salt Lake City, where I even got to spend 20 minutes in the front seat of the cop's vehicle? Not a fan LOL....somehow I managed to go the rest of the way until far northwest Missouri, after midnight, when I got stopped again. I got home at 2:20 AM very very tired! Took me a couple of more vacation days (Monday/Tuesday) to recover. All good today!

    There were a number of girls I met and either talked specific party info with, or bought a drink for, during my two days in town. Hopefully I don't forget anybody. Needless to say, if I invite you back to discuss in your room, it generally means there's enough of a spark that I'd like to explore it!

    Thank you for the time, the hospitality, and realizing my financial restraints. I had so much fun getting to know @AstridLulpeck , @ImogenSteele , @AbbyAvery , @AlexMore , @AsiaFoxxx , @SerenityLove , @LilyPeach , and @AjaMercury , you are all special girls in unique ways!
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  2. gLip5
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    gLip5 Well-Known Member

    it was great hanging out and catching up with you on Saturday. I had a heckuva time as well!
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  3. Glad you made it there, and I’m glad you had fun :)
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  4. Built tough
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    Built tough Well-Known Member

    What an adventure and a great review. Ellie pours her heart into her work and I will always love her for that. Glad you made it back safe and sound. I also left my glasses at GDW! Lol where are they keeping all these glasses?!
  5. I dunno, but when I realized I only had one pair of contacts (and they were in!) and going back to Carson City wasn't the 'best' idea, I was already two hours out........I had a brief moment of panic.....FORTUNATELY I was all things considered pretty well awake through the day on Sunday, the tiredness didn't kick in until I got out of Nebraska
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    Honestly jess I'm happy that you had an amazing time with your lady. They often say good things come to those who wait and it was definitely worth the wait in your eyes.I know how much it meant to both of you to spend as much time together as you can so nothing pleases me more than seeing my good friend happy. Glad @EllieMoore took care of you and I'm sure you have big plans for her. She has no idea how much you respect and value and truly care for her as a person. Reminds me alot of me and mi cubana reina @Bobbi Besos. We both have the passion and the desire to make our ladies happy so a win for you is a win for me and everyone who supports you and rooting for you.Salud mi amigo, you deserve it and @EllieMoore please take care of my friend cuz they deserve nothing but the best
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  7. Thanks man! I may need to make a swing into Brooklyn this fall!
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  8. Power&glory83
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    Power&glory83 Well-Known Member

    Hell yeh if I get tickets for Brooklyn nets game I'll hook you up
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  9. Power&glory83
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    Power&glory83 Well-Known Member

    I guess my invite was lost in the mail lmaooooo jk bro, glad you guys had fun
  10. I had a blast brother, wish I would've crashed Livestream on Saturday night, but just felt the potential repercussions of anybody 'seeing it' that I didn't want, didn't make the risk worth it! :)
  11. Broadhildt
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    Broadhildt Well-Known Member

    Hi, Jessie, you definitely get the "Road Warrior" medal! I know I'd end up accordioned against some bridge pillar somewhere after falling asleep at the wheel if I tried it.

    But isn't it wonderful to experience the kind of motivation that a really special Ranches relationship can bring?

    Sorry for the unwelcome "extra adventures." Hope the memories of Ellie more than compensate for it.
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  12. Thanks @Broadhildt the 'extra adventures' can stop any day now for sure! Driving back the last couple of hours was weird. I was tired and knowing I was fading, kind of in alternate reality, yet I never got the sense of fading where I had to slap myself, but it was a weird final 45 minutes. Considering I had to drive straight through to save my contacts, I'm SUPER GLAD I was, all things considered, awake during the day on Sunday. The good lord was looking out for me!
  13. Thanks brother @gLip5 you're an excellent wingman!
  14. foreverman
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    foreverman Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you had one hectic trip. I'll never grouse about my 4 hour drive again. So sad I wasn't able to be there to say hello. I wish I had the ability to see Ellie again myself.
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  15. I can relate to 'not so long' trips feeling awful, now not so much LOL......It takes eight hours to head 'home' for me (parents), always felt like a drive of torture....not anymore LOL (of course, as you know, having @EllieMoore on the other end of the trip is all the motivation we need) - but that makes the return trip expotentially harder! :(
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  16. Sorry about the Pull over by the cops and such but I really glad you had a blast with alot of the ladies we really like tho. Awesome Review Jess;)
  17. ehhhh, I was guilty of it, although it wasn't necessarily 'texting', so it's'll be paid tomorrow!
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  18. Don't feel bad I was pulled over for Speeding too about 2 years but the cop was a real jerkoff was out to bust me for a stolen cell phone I knew nothing about. Thankfully I had a friend back from HS who was a MCRP cop that vouched for me
  19. Even though I didn't get a 'fine' for it, thank god, I was a lot more nervous when the cop had me wait in his car as me sent information to headquarters, really un-nerving, even though I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, I'm so glad I was able to make it so far after that without getting tired and without getting pulled over again :)
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  20. "Jessie Summers, post: Even though I didn't get a 'fine' for it, thank god, I was a lot more nervous when the cop had me wait in his car as me sent information to headquarters, really un-nerving, even though I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, I'm so glad I was able to make it so far after that without getting tired and without getting pulled over again :)

    Glad you made it back to Carson City without any trouble despite Nasty Storms. Back to Missouri safe and sound
  21. Thanks buddy! The nasty storms phased me a little bit more than usual, only because of the desert landscape of Nevada, when it pours like that, flooding happens faster, but I hit more wind and blowing sagebrush plants than actual heavy rain........interesting note, I saw a huge, nasty dark looking thunderstorm to my south on Sunday afternoon when I was headed through western Nebraska. Turns out that storm was producing 5-6 tornadoes about 100 miles south of where I was, so I guess that's some good luck!
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    cumishaamado Love Virgins, Couples & Girlfriend Experience

    Awesome review!!! Book your fabulous party with @EllieMoore today!!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  23. Appreciate it @Marlin Groce Jr hopefully you can make it out to the wildest place on Earth (or at least in the U.S.) sometime soon!
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