AirForceAmy ... unforgettable

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by MikeInNevada, Jul 6, 2021.

  1. AirForceAmy ... she is: unforgettable.
    Down to earth, a sweetheart, eager to please . . .
    And gorgeous ... oh, my goodness ... YES
    And she clearly enjoys her work ... much to YOUR benefit.
    You will leave ... happy.
    Oh, did I mention that she is: unforgettable ?? Because she is.

  2. Thank you MikeinNV. You are super treat for me. I enjoy you immensely and I love the fond and erotic memories you give me.
    I think you already know what I do with some of those memories... he he.

    Thank you my love! see you again soon!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. I love this review and I love you!❤️❤️ Thank you!!❤️
  4. Hello AirForceAmy . . .

    You and I will see each other in the not-to0-distant future, as you know.
    BTW ... consider adding to your name ... to ... "The Amazing Air Force Amy"
    ... all things considered, that does suit you.
    I don't flatter, and I only speak the truth (maybe you figured this out ??)
    SO ... when I say you are amazing ... it's because ... YOU*ARE
  5. Thank you Mike! I k ow I am your sweetie and you are my Adonis! I’m very excited to see you again very soon. You are such a pleasure & a thrill!

    I actually considered calling myself “Amazing Amy” but decided not to because it was a children’s doll.

    But nowadays I don’t think that would be so politically incorrect given the current trend towards providers presenting themselves as children .... idk , just thinking about loud.....
  6. Well ... I think that "amazing" ... does "do you justice".
    I have no knowledge of dolls, so I can't comment on that doll reference yo made LOL.
    Even as a pre-puberty guy, I was never attracted to ladies who weren't adults. I always was attracted to ... you guessed it ... grown women.
    In general ... pre-puberty, I thought I had everything "squared away and figured out" about just about everything in life, and then ... at age 11, puberty hit and hit hard. And then I had to "readjust" LOL.
    I really do not understand how men would be attracted to "providers presenting themselves as children" ... call me "old-fashioned," I guess ? That just seems ... pretty odd (nice word).
    Yes, it will be great to see you again ... Amazing Amy.
    ... did I mention that you are amazing ? Oh, yeah, I think I did.

  7. That's what you are! One more week baby! Woo hoo!

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