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  1. I am a horrible decision maker. Esp. when it comes to big decisions. Any advice?
  2. When it comes to the big decisions its great to have a person to ask there opinion an unbiest opinion. just so you can get on out side prospective. That is why i have a buisness/life Coach. It help me make the decisions i have to make. But the bad thing is sometimes what they have to say is not what you want hear its more what you need to hear.
  3. Hi Becca,

    What decision do you need to make.
    Is it anything I can help you with, sweetie? :)
  4. ask yourself if it will help you get to where you see yourself 5-10-15-20 years from now.
  5. i like to think there are no right or wrong choices in life - each choice leads you on a different path - it's just a matter of which road you want to take :wink:
  6. advise for becca

    try asking mummie dearest.
  7. Knock on your neighbors door and take him to dinner and he will help you with your decisions.
  8. :idea: I write down the pros & cons of the decision on a piece of paper & see which decision outweighs the other. But I have also found that your initial gut instinct is usually the correct decision. It's possible to over think a problem, that can cause things to get very confusing.
  9. Right on VIPGuy....

    Becca, you can always PM me and we can talk about it more...

  10. Consult your attorney first, and then your tax accountant! :wink:
  11. What usually works for me is writing things down, by what is top priority. Then i eliminate my wants from my needs and that is always hard!! I just say to myself will i be OK if i go without this for a Lil while then go from there. But for me the biggest thing is sticking to my plan! The decision making process is always hard when you have to sacrifice something you really need. When i stick to my plan i feel great!
  12. For each decision write down:

    1) The best that could happen
    2) The worst that could happen (and whether or not you can live with it)
    3) The most realistic outcome

    Weigh one against the other and then solidify your choice
  13. If you are searching for advice make sure you ask someone you admire and trust. Also look at things being black and white, no gray areas this always works for me.

    Remember there is no try. There is only do and do not.

    Think back about the things you didn't listen to me about, was I right?
  15. Talk it over with a person or people you trust to get some opinions. Then trust your instincts or gut feeling and do whats best for you in the end. :wink:

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