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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Thank you all for making the Bunny Board so much fun for me.

    As my small way of saying thanks, I wan tot do something for you.

    we are about to make our annual merchandise price increase. If you order in the next week I will ship things to you anywhere in the USA free and take 20% off the purchase price of whatever you want.
    This offer lasts until we hit the 3600 mark so place your order now.

    we have just ordered a small quantity of the the Bella warm up suits that the Bunnies wore on Howard Stern's last show they will be $40 after the discount to you.

    we have many Dickie's shirts, the ones I wear on shows, Ron Jeremy has wore them on TV shows and Kid Rock wore them on tour and we just has some made up for the Rolling

    To place order contact asst Kris direct for these prices, availability and free shipping he will take care of you and mention you are part of the proud 3500.


    The boards have turned out to be a huge success and I am proud to be one of the bunch.

    You are awesome Dennis:)

  3. Thank you baby, I hope its a better year for you and your family, how is sissy
  4. Dennis discount

    Dennis...thank you for giving all us fans a special opportunity to make discount purchases this week. A big wet kiss to you and all the Bunny Ranch family. This is one female fan that is hooked on you, Suzette and the Cathouse show. Much love from this Alabama girl.
  5. Dennis

    Thanks for the well wishes..I can use all the positive vibes I can get:)

    Sissy is doing well but exhausted. I guess that makes sense, chasing a 2 year old and carrying twins has got to be overwhelming. I am doing my best to support her the best I can. We just found out that they are twin boys!! We are very excited to say the least.

    Cool idea on the 20% discount...you are so thoughtful Dennis. Cant wait to get my Cathouse DVD. I will be ordering pronto. Make sure to put a little extra love on my package .....XOXO

  6. And I thought I was busy with a 4 year old and a 16 month old...

    Congrats on the nephews both of mine are boys :)

  7. Re: Dennis discount

    thank you so much Miss Alabama.

    I love wet kisses, big, wet, long kisses.

    People don't kiss enough, I love kissing!!

    I love my kissing a girl when she is cummmming!
  8. Oh Dennis you know what women want...

    I love to be kissed when Im cumming....as I moan into his mouth long and loudly....

    Damn now Im horny and the playoff game is on...where the f u c k is that pocket rocket!!

  9. That's so generous =)

    I realise that as I live in England it might be somewhat different though. Do you even ship to England? =)
  10. I so agree about the kissing.. Makes me completely lose it when a man is into kissing, and kissing well :D
  11. How do I go about getting one of those suits that the girls wore on howard stern? I want one!!
  12. I will put some love in your fine package all right!

    Tell Asst Kris to talk to me before he sends it.
  13. You are busy I am sure, what's with all this breeding going on?

    what ever happened to sex for fun?
  14. you are truly a sweetheart Daddy!!! :wink:
  15. Thanks to you, Mr Hof, for Making this a family that we can be part of.
  16. you are so welcome its you and the other posters that make it all happen
  17. Ahh Dennis baby, both my boys are adopted.. no breeding for me.. still snug as a bug in a rug if ya know what I mean :wink:

    Damn I need to call you ..

  18. Dennis, you are the man!

    "Daddy, shake the mans hand and let's be ON our way!"

  19. Dennis, you're very modest! It's amazing considering all you have accomplished, that you can be SO humble! That's incredibly cute!
    Yes and thank you for making me part of the family too! Everyone is so welcoming & really easy to talk to! It must all stem from how cool you are! I can't wait for this summer when I can come out there & meet everyone in person! I'm getting excited just thinking about it! :D
  20. Without you though, we wouldn't have the opportunity. Always a pleasure trading posts with such a down to earth guy. Hopefully, will be able before too long to show my appreciation(at least to a few of your lovely staff :twisted: ) in person. And, If you ever make your way to the Sturgis Rally, give us the chance to show some SD hospitality.
  21. Thanks to everyone for joining the Bunny Ranch Family.

    We have hit the 3600 mark today and the sale has expired.

    What should we do next ?

    Maybe Dennis can show up at your door with the Bunny of your choice?
    (worth more than a visit from Ed McMahon).

    Thanks again to everyone, and spread the word and let's get the numer up tp 4,000.
  22. I have a relatively inexpensive idea, Bob. A custom made Bunny Board Chat Member Bunny Ranch Shirt. I'd buy one. Plus, it's free advertising for the board and the ranch. :idea: BTW, make mine a 4XL
  23. I would both those ideas but I would like Dennis without the bunny ;) and I would definitely wear a tshirt that said that, but I would be sleeping in mine :)

  24. Awwwww, I want one of those warm up suits!
  25. DENISE i would say get her a suit i would love for her to model it for all of us .
  26. Dennis I just joined and glad to be here!!

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