About Me 10 Facts about the newest bunny Tiffani Madison

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  1. I'm from Orange County, California visiting the Bunny Ranch until Nov 1st
    I'm from GA originally
    I'm currently a adult film actress
    I'm also a model
    I love going to the beach
    I love traveling
    My favorite food is Italian
    My favorite drink is champagne
    My favorite starbucks drink is a caramel macchiato
    My favorite color is pink!

    30BF694C-871E-4645-99EE-B355633266FA.JPG 30BF694C-871E-4645-99EE-B355633266FA.JPG 30BF694C-871E-4645-99EE-B355633266FA.JPG
  2. EllieAmes
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    EllieAmes Sinfully Delicious

    Stunning photo! Your incredibly beautiful! Welcome to the ranches I you have an amazing tour!
  3. Tiffani is absolutely gorgeous outside and in!! I spent 4 hours with her yesterday; she is the true definition of a sweet heart [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
    Partying with her will be an experience you’ll be smiling about for weeks!!
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  4. LolaLaBella
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    And pink is definitely your colour! Welcome to Bunny Ranch, Tiffani :)
  5. Like a real life Barbie! You’re absolutely stunning I hope you have a great tour!:p

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