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  1. Booking with Addison

    *Please read this page in its entirety before filling out my booking form. Taking these few extra steps will help make the booking process much easier for both of us, and will ensure we can get started procuring our adventure together sooner.

    Contacting Addison:

    When contacting me, please understand you are making your first impression, and this will set the tone for all future experiences we have together.
    A well thought out, and concisely constructed message is very much appreciated!

    Information needed:

    •Your name.

    •Your contact info.

    •Date of preferred meeting.

    •Preferred time of meeting.

    •Length of time you'd like to spend together.

    •What your ideal party with me would look like. (Please keep it clean and tasteful)

    •Any relevant, or important information I need to know about you.

    Please keep your message clean, respectful, and free of explicit detail. I answer all emails myself and respond quickly. However I do tend to become busy, so I ask for your patience. I typically will get back to you within a few hours.


    The World Famous Bunny Ranch is a 100% legal brothel and therefore we have many strict regulations we must adhere to. One of those regulations is that pricing must be agreed to within the brothel itself, and I cannot give exact pricing through email. This being said, in order to avoid wasting each other's time I can tell you if your expected budget is reasonable, or if you need to adjust your expectations.

    I work with a wide variety of all reasonable budgets, so there is almost always a fun adventure to be had that will work for both of us.

    Remember, Pricing is based on a combination of the time we spend together, as well as the activities we agree to during that time.


    I take my personal health and safety seriously. I test for all STDs weekly with a state board certified physician. Protection for all sexual activity is required. Do not ask for unprotected services. I provide a wide array of condoms, dental dams, and even finger cots to use. You will not need to bring any with you.


    I have been vaccinated, and am up to date with all of my boosters. I do not require that you have been vaccinated, but I do require you to wash your hands, and use sanitizer upon entering my room. If you have had a fever, cough or any symptoms recently I ask that you stay home, and reschedule your visit.

    Legal Companionship:

    What does it mean to be a legal courtesan in a brothel setting, and why is it important for both of our safety?

    In order to work from within The World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch I have extensive background checks, and fingerprinting through the county sheriff's office annually.

    This keeps us both safe! For me, I feel relieved knowing I am not engaging in illegal conduct, therefore keeping my reputation intact as a professional.

    You can rest assured that you are trusting a legal professional, and will not be scammed, robbed or caught in a police raid.


    Once a time, and date for us to meet is agreed upon it is imperative that you call the Bunny Ranch to reserve your booking. I request 10% down on your entire estimated budget. This reserves my time and availability. I cannot promise to be free when you arrive without it! Call: 775-246-9901 ext.0 to book.

    Bookings are made confidentially, and your credit card statement will not be traced back to our establishment. We take Visa, Mastercard, and cash. We have an ATM. again your statement will not reflect that you have been at the Bunny Ranch.

    Hygiene and Dress:

    I want you to be comfortable during our experience, and therefore I ask you to dress however would make you feel best. That being said, I do require impeccable hygiene.

    Your clothing must be clean. I personally do not smoke, but do not mind if you do. However, I have allergies to most colognes so I ask that you use it lightly. I require that you are showered, shaved, have used deodorant, and have recently brushed your teeth… I do keep men's toiletries available for each client, and if I feel necessary I will ask you to freshen up.


    Again, The World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch is a 100% Legal establishment and therefore no illegal activity is permitted. I do not use drugs myself, and if you appear to be under the influence, our date will be canceled, and no refund will be provided.

    I hope this page has been informative. If you have any further questions please include them in your message on my booking form.

    I look forward to getting to know each other!


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