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Jul 18, 2017
Mar 31, 2016
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March 26
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Carson City, NV
Courtesan, Model

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Well-Known Member, from Carson City, NV

Only 2 weeks left! Time flies when you are having fun! Oct 6, 2016

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Jul 18, 2017
    1. Kasey Black
      Kasey Black
      Wishing you endless blessings in 2018 :)
    2. Haley Lisbeth
      Haley Lisbeth
      Good morning.. I hope that you have a wonderful Sunday :)
    3. Know Me
      Know Me
      Hello! Have a fun Friday!! Knowme@bunnyranch.com
    4. Madison Malone
    5. Madison Malone
      Madison Malone
      Hey There! Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful day! Don't be shy Email me MadisonMalone@LoveRanch.Net
    6. MollyCox
    7. Madison Malone
      Madison Malone
      Hey Just Stopping By To Show Some Love To Your Page. Don't forget Im Available here At Love Ranch South Now!!!
      Email Me at MadisonMalone@LoveRanch.Net to get to Know Me more Personally!!! Book your Appointment by Calling (775)372-5251
      Lets Have a 2 girl Party!!!
    8. Know Me
      Know Me
      Hello! Its knowMe@bunnyranch.com. Let's do a party together! We can even add someone!
    9. Madison Malone
      Madison Malone
      Just stopped by to Wish you a wonderful Day!!!!

    10. Know Me
      Know Me
      Hello wishing you a wonderful day!!
    11. HelenaPrice
      Only 2 weeks left! Time flies when you are having fun!
    12. foreverman
      great show last night, you showoff! Just wanted to thank you for talking with me last Friday night. Had a good time showing you my pictures from past parties
      1. HelenaPrice likes this.
      2. roxanneprice
        WHAT DID I MISS. Omg, I need to watch this Ustream.
        Oct 1, 2016
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      3. HelenaPrice
        Thank you lol! Just doing my best;) I really enjoyed meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again!
        Oct 6, 2016
        foreverman likes this.
    13. forgotten
      Are you coming back in October?
      1. HelenaPrice likes this.
    14. foreverman
      hi, I'm MarkBMiller & I enjoy my time at the LRN. Hope to meet you soon ( I'm 4 hours away by car)
      1. HelenaPrice likes this.
    15. HelenaPrice
      Delighted to be back at LRN until July 25!
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    16. HelenaPrice
      RIP Prince!
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    17. HelenaPrice
      Gruss Gott!
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      2. bberger1
        Guten Tag!
        Apr 15, 2016
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      3. tahoebigbear
        outdate to Hofbrauhaus am Platzl in Munich for a LARGE dunkle??
        Apr 15, 2016
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      4. bberger1
        ein bier bitte - hefe weizen, mit pommes frites.
        'cause you can even get beer in a McDonalds there! lol
        Apr 16, 2016
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    18. @thegstringlover
      Hey there! Enjoyed watching you on last week's "Friday Night Live" UStream broadcast!
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    19. MissPhoenixFyre
      Hello sexy Lady! Wish we could play together!
      1. HelenaPrice and JayJayJay like this.
      2. HelenaPrice
        I am looking forward to that ASAP!
        Apr 21, 2016
    20. HelenaPrice
      about to post the new Shelby Star collage:)
    21. handjobnut
      Having handjob fantasies about Helena....... ;) xxxx
      1. GiGi and more and HelenaPrice like this.
    22. HelenaPrice
      rainy...with a chance of cum showers
    23. HelenaPrice
      Long day! in a good way!
    24. lingerieluvrm
      I like that bra - it looks great on you.
    25. HelenaPrice
      I'm feeling so energetic today! Who thinks they can wear me out?
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    26. GiGi and more
      GiGi and more
      Dear Helena, welcome and so wonderful to meet you! You are beautiful lovely smart bunny and have many good times..!! XOXO
      1. handjobnut and HelenaPrice like this.
      2. HelenaPrice
        Thank you so much for your kind words and for interacting with me on here its helping me get the gist of the site! I'm so happy we met!
        Apr 2, 2016
        GiGi and more likes this.
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    March 26
    Home Page:
    Carson City, NV
    Courtesan, Model
    Hi! Thank you so much for coming to check me out! I hope we can become further acquainted. Now, let me tell you a little about myself, ok? And later hopefully I can get to know you better as well. I am Helena Price, so grateful to be blessed with both timeless beauty and sexual prowess. I know myself and I am very confident. I am like a jewel, with many facets, so prepare to adorn yourself with me, my King (or Queen or both!). I will describe a number of these facets to you, and, as for the others; I can show you better than I can tell you;)

    I am an experienced companion; You are my number one! I pay attention to all the subtle details of a date or party. I love to build experiences based on adventurously exploring fantasies and, of course, mutual respect. I am flexible with negotiation and even more flexible in the sack! The positive feedback from my clientele makes me feel so good to know I more than satisfy their desires! I have been described in many ways: extremely sensual and easy to connect with, both the girl next door and the filthy whore at the same time, someone who is easy to open up to, the best of all worlds: looks like 23, thinks like 43, is actually 33! (Lol) But don't take my word for it; come see for yourself! I will be so pleased to create an experience with you that will live on in our memories.

    I model and perform mostly in the veins of art, glamour, fetish, and porn. Through these awesome experiences I have cultivated even more sexual knowledge and openness, a higher standard of professionalism, and physical consciousness. If you like, we could start by watching some of my work and finish by experiencing it first-hand! Or maybe you have seen some things in my or others' movies you'd like to try out. Let's experiment together! My room (or a location of your choosing) is our 'set'. We are living out your fantasy and 'acting out your script'!

    My fetish modeling and lifestyle lead me to become a Dominatrix as well. In this realm you will address me as Goddess Helena. I work at a dungeon, so know if you are prepared to submit to me, that you are in good hands. Do you have a fetish? Or multiples like me? Most of all I love to be worshipped, especially because I possess highly- worshippable feet and a juicy booty)!

    I offer foot, shoe, boot, ass, and body worship, sensual domination, role play, taboo, CBT, ballbusting, pegging/ass play, watersports, tease and denial, CFNM, wrestling, scissor holds between my powerful thighs, spanking, face slapping, verbal abuse, humiliation(of all kinds), ignoring, cuckolding, financial domination, medical play, sissification/cross dressing, and more. If you didn't see it listed that does not mean I don't do it; just ask. Please tell me what you'd like to do beforehand so I can be fully prepared, as I am not as well equipped out here as I am in my dungeon. Maybe I will take you on as a long term sub;)

    Before I was a dominant I was submissive, so, as I am a functional switch I am happy to submit to you as well.

    But wait, often the experience isn't just all bang and neither am I! I am a skilled masseuse, body worker, Tantrika, conversationalist and cuddler. Let's get really close through a nuru massage, tantric lovemaking, a deep conversation, or a tender cuddle. What magical experiences await us!

    Outside of the sexual sphere my interests include: healthy cooking, music, art (especially photography, public art and installation), travel, outdoor activities, reading, film, dancing, language, fashion, and nudism. Perhaps we have a lot in common? Or maybe it's an 'opposites attract' sort of thing? What do you think?

    That's a pretty good summary of what I have to offer you, wouldn't you say? Now that you know me a little better perhaps your mind is salivating with delicious fantasies. Is something on your mind? Making you tingle in all the right places? I do hope so! With me it is always 'choose your own adventure'! What kind of adventure would you like to have with me? I will do everything in my power to surpass all of your expectations, create an unforgettable experience, and if I am so fortunate, to have the opportunity to see you again! I really look forward to meeting you and bringing more pleasure, happiness and value into your life!


    Phone Number:
    (775) 246-7252


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