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Sweet Texas Belle

"Some of my hottest parties have been with two girls, and I'm really discovering a lot about myself where that's concerned. "

Hey y'all! I'm Courtney Cross, a brand new bunny here at The BunnyRanch. I come from a very small town in central Texas called Priddy, Texas! Don't worry, most other people haven't heard of it either LOL.

I've only been here for a few months, and I actually just celebrated my 20th birthday here at The BunnyRanch!

Before I came here I had never even traveled outside of Texas. I'm seeing a whole new world out here, and I'm lovin' it : ) I hadn't had much experience before I came here if ya know what I mean, and I love the fact that part of my job actually gives me the chance to have a great guy come to The BunnyRanch and teach me things. Trust me, I've learned a lot in my short time here! Do you think there's anything you might be able to teach me? ; )

I have always been curious about girls too, and The BunnyRanch is full of sexy girls that always want to play! Some of my hottest parties have been with two girls, and I'm really discovering a lot about myself where that's concerned. Some of the guys that I have partied with have told me that they thought it was really hot to watch me discover my love of women right in front of them. I've also discovered that I'm really attracted to older guys. I love it when a distinguished gentleman comes into The BunnyRanch and picks me to be his special little girl for the night! Small town Texas boys weren't very sophisticated, and I like feeling all grown up when I'm spending time with an experienced man.

I'm 5' 8", with long legs that know how to wrap around you and hold on tight for a wild ride! Maybe it's all that horseback riding I did back in Texas : ) Speaking of horseback riding, we have horses here at The BunnyRanch now!!! We can go horseback riding together and lay out underneath the stars. Or, if you want, we can go out to a dinner nearby, or even eat a romantic meal right here on the patio to my room! I even like just going for burgers (It reminds me of Friday nights back in my hometown after high school football games at the local drive in).

I have blonde hair, natural D breasts, and a Texas accent that I'm told sounds best when it's whispered at close range LOL. I love Tinker Bell, and if you bring me something for my collection I'll give you an extra special deal : ) Please come see me! I'm on line all the time, so if you want to email me we can chat first and get to know each other a little bit. Ask me anything! I can't wait to hear from you.

Oh, and hey guess what? I haven't had a couples party yet! I'm so jealous because the other girls get them all the time, and it sounds so sexy to be able to join a couple that's been together for awhile and feel like their special guest ; ) Will you be my first couple to party with? If you are, I'll give you a GREAT discount for takin' my "couples cherry" LOL!

I've heard from the other bunnies that we also get a lot of virgins that come in, and if that's you, well guess what? It wasn't very long ago at all that I was still a virgin too so I was in your same spot not very long ago : )

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