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JenLynn Sweet is a Nevada resident. She has written and/or modeled for Babyface, Naughty Neighbors, DAW Books, Alyson Publications, dark-angels.com, fetish-girls.com, smokesigs.com, Options and others. Some of her pictures, stories and other info are free at jenlynn.com.

Moonlite Bunnyranch (888-BUNNYRANCH) is one of the legal brothels in Nevada that continue to keep the world's oldest profession alive and well. If you've got some extra dough and are in the area, stop by for a date!

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Nevada's Brothels: The Hard Facts

by JenLynn Sweet | photos by Steve Dewall

Nevada is the only US state in which commercial sex is legal. It has been legal since Christmas Day, 1970, when the first brothel-licensing ordinance took effect.

Not all counties in Nevada allow commercial sex. Only counties with fewer than 200,000 people can vote to license prostitution.

Commercial sex is illegal in the Nevada cities of Reno and Las Vegas. The local county spends at least $1 million a year to combat prostitution within its boundaries.

There are currently between 30 and 40 operating brothels, employing over 300 licensed prostitutes.

Typically, girls work 12 hours on weekdays and 14 hours on Fridays and Saturdays. They often work a three-week stint without a day off.

Sex workers must undergo weekly state-mandated medical exams and tests for gonorrhea, genital warts and herpes. Monthly tests for syphilis and HIV are also required.

In March of 1988, the state passed a law that made condom use mandatory in all legal brothels. This followed a 30 to 40 percent decline in business due to public fear of AIDS transmission.

One pricing survey indicates that most sessions cost between $150 and $500 an hour, with an average hourly cost of about $300.

The license fees from legal brothels provide the sole support for a Nevada county hospital, as well as a neighboring county's entire operating budget.

It is not possible for a woman to enter a legal Nevada brothel and obtain the services of a male prostitute.

It is not possible for a man to enter a legal Nevada brothel and obtain the services of a male prostitute.

It is sometimes possible for a woman to enter a legal Nevada brothel and obtain the services of a female prostitute, but it's very uncommon.

Most brothels have "menus," which describe the customers' choices. These can range from giving enemas to receiving a dildo in the ass.

According to a DUREX survey of Nevada brothels, the average age of a sex worker is 29. Two-thirds of them are white, and more than three-quarters have a high school diploma.

The condom law is no joke‹condoms must be used during manual and oral sex, as well as vaginal and anal penetration.

The Mustang Ranch was the first operating brothel. It was located in trailers at the convergence of three different counties, so when one county cracked down, they'd move the brothel 500 yards into another county.

The IRS seized the Mustang Ranch in 1990, then resold the property at an auction after talk show host Arsenio Hall called President Bush "a pimp."

For Xmas last year, the Moonlite Bunnyranch offered first-time elected officials a 99 percent discount on their services‹sadly, Senator, the offer ended when Clinton's impeachment trial did.

You can buy the Lazy B Guest Ranch, a licensed, legal brothel that's conveniently located right next to a naval air base, for only $795,000.

"Knowledge is gained by learning; trust by doubt; skill by practice; love by love."

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