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Sunset Thomas is working with the world famous Bunnyranch, spreading her legs for the armed forces—for free!

VCA contract girl Sunset says, "These soldiers served their country and now we want to service them."

Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunnyranch, was looking for a way to give back to those who fought in the recent war in Iraq, when a special forces friend told him about the TA 50, which in military parlance, is a kit that contains ammunition, compass, canteen, a meal and much more.

Hof put his own unique slant to the kit and came up with the T&A 50—an essential Bunnyranch packet that includes a Bunnyranch t-shirt, matches, drink tokens, lube, condoms and a free pass for the first 50 active-duty servicemen and women who show up at the door. Then, for the following 50 days, a 50 percent discount is offered using the same military status criteria.

Response to the Bunnyranch offer has been swift and substantial, according to Hof. Within 24 hours two GI Janes showed up at the ranch and hunkered down with the sultry Sunset—14 other enlisted men soon followed suit.

The Bunnyranch has also been flooded with hundreds of letters and phone calls, a company in Great Britain has even chartered a private jet to fly some of their forces over to frolic bunny-style.

Hof says perhaps the most unusual request, however, came from a mother who saw the HBO-produced Bunnyranch special Cathouse, in which a mother brought her virgin son to the ranch to loss his cherry to Sunset. This military mother, booked a party with the legendary Ms. Thomas for her son who is heading home on an aircraft carrier having seen active duty in Iraq these past few months.

The Bunnyranch's connection to the armed forces is well documented. Former professional wrestler and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura gushed, in his autobiography, how he visited the Bunnyranch upon returning stateside after his tour of duty during the Vietnam War.

Oddly enough, talk radio station KGO in San Francisco broke the story during an interview with Hof and Sunset.

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