Lana West


Age: 25
Height: 5’8
Weight: 130
Bust: 34D
Bi-sexual: OMG yeah!!
Couples: Yes, please.
Kiss/Makeout/GFE: My favorite thing.
Email: [email protected]


Hey babes! I’m Lana West. I’m young, hot, and bold, and if you want to spend quality time with a Bunny Babe you will fall in love with, then I am your perfect GFE best friend and lover!! My specialties are the authentic, passionate Girlfriend Experience and the XXX Porn Star Experience. I can be your best friend, and your open-minded naughty companion with a GREAT, open attitude. I entertain short, no-strings-attached parties, as well as Deluxe All Access Girlfriend Experiences and every varying level in-between.

I take on virgins, young men, older men, couples, females and more! I also facilitate a number of fetish parties so please email me for my full sex menu. My experience and passion for what I do is expansive and I am so looking forward to making our experience the best one you’ve had at Bunny Ranch yet! I am seasoned in the art of massage, as well as tantric, and much, much more. Just email me for a full offerings menu.

I am easy going, breezy, and totally sizzling just like the California weather. Let me whisk you away with my happy disposition and positive outlook on life. If you want a genuine, authentic Bunny Babe experience, let me be the girlfriend you never had! I’m open-minded and friendly so feel free to come to me with your wildest fantasies—no judgment here, just acceptance, love, and fun.

I’m tall and leggy, tan and toned, fit and healthy–and like to take good care of myself. I hardly wear any makeup and prefer looking natural and fresh, like your model girl next door. I have twinkly green eyes and straight white teeth that are revealed with constant smiles- there is just so much to smile about.? I have shiny, straight brown hair that you can pull on a little bit if you’re into that (haha), or gently run your fingers through it depending on where our adventure takes us. I’m told my smell is intoxicating. I have freshly manicured fingers and toes and keen sense of style. I like fashion and interior decorating- come check out my cozy, homey room.

Grab my perky, pretty tits and perfect peach ass in your exploring hands and rub your mouth against my neck as we melt with each other onto the bed. Then let me unbutton your shirt, slowly button after button, kissing down your chest, rubbing your back. Nothing makes me feel better than pleasing a man- let’s have a blast together! ?

I am an extrovert and have a lot of energy for you. I enjoy stimulating conversation, but can also be zen enough to enjoy the silent moments…and moments of passion are…the BEST moments! I can be alone and love it, as I’m duly endeared to introverted and extroverted activities, although the true definition of personality type is where where you derive your energy from- and I derive my energy from people. Let me leave you feeling energized. If you are shy, I will make you feel instantly comfortable.

Let’s laugh together and share an indulgent meal as we talk about the world. The world is such a fascinating place and I’m so glad to be a part of it and to contribute my skills to society. Sex is a part of health and wellness and I’m happy to spread joy! The bedroom is the first place of demonstrated skills, but I have much to offer as a well-rounded person. I like news and articles. I listen to NPR (and am a sustaining member, cuz ya know-charity) and I read the news article publication, The Week, religiously.

I love music and festivals and find that listening to an album I love takes me to a place of floaty contentment- like, yup, I’m gooood. Let’s swap playlists! Or I’ll custom make us one in advance based on your tastes. 🙂 I have a background in musical theatre and choir and continue to appreciate the arts, so let’s see a theatre production together at the playhouse in Reno or go to an outside concert at the Lake Tahoe outdoor arena. Outdates and overnights are where the true magic happens, and I am very experienced in these!

I am super goal-oriented, in and outside of the bedroom. I am a student and very close to finishing my degree. Help me achieve my goals? I am a Business Admin major. I see myself as a lifelong learner, in that I continue to learn and grow and become a better person as I continue down life’s journey.

I like being a premium Bunny Babe because I get to meet so many interesting, wonderful people! Email me today and let’s open a dialogue!

I am full-time at Bunny Ranch and my schedule until August 2018 is listed below, so please inquire if you are planning a trip however far in advance. The sooner advance, the better!

I sign all my emails, “All my best!” because I really mean it…and also because it rhymes with “Lana West” lol.

All my best!

Your Lana West


Now – March 21

March 28 – April 11

April 25 – August 22

Available at Bunny Ranch in Lineup: Wednesday – Sunday from 2pm – 2am

Available by Appointment 24/7