Jessica Johnson



Hello my name is Jessica Johnson you may have seen me on the Food Networks Show Chopped, Yes thats right I am a Chef and cooking is my passion. I came to the Bunny Ranch to expand my horizons and enjoy life. I am using my REAL name so you can find out more about me and be more personal with you.

It was absolutely wonderful to be recognized for my cooking expertise and to be on the show! All of America saw me work my magic in the kitchen, but now we can make some magic in the bedroom too! Want to enjoy a great meal with an amazing gal? Let’s get cooking!

Cleveland is my home town and I love all my Cleveland sports teams. On Sunday you’ll always catch me watching the Browns.

I can be your personal Chef, lovely lady for a night out and impress everyone, or just a perfect night together where we can enjoy the company.

My ideal time with you is to cook you an elaborate meal you can enjoy and then we get to know each other other that meal. After all that we can enjoy some personal time in the bedroom and really understand each other.

I’m so pleased you took the time to get to know me! Take the time to email me and get to know me more, lets make your fantasies a reality.