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  1. Ok so I saw the HBO program and I am hooked, but one thing that is seriously bothering me is the unflattering outfits that each girl wears. I really think you guys are in need of a wardrobe consultant. There are so many different outfits out there and these girls are so low balling themselves coming out in trash. If they had a little advise and stepped it up a little bit they would have so much more to offer and in return get more offers. As far as the HBO special they all look like whores and not like Denise says "working girls". There are ways to sell yourself without looking like trailer trash. I know a lot of guys can get trailer trash but they prefer classy girls because they are harder to get. So if you have your girls look classy, the guys will apprieciate that more than something they can already get. Which means paying more for that type too. If you like my ideas, you haven't seen nothing yet. I know that men fantasize about porno girls, why not make your girls fit the part. Give me a email back:[email protected]
  2. wow you sound so disrespectful, From what I hear the bunnies choose their own clothes and they probably like it and dont like someone saying they look like trash!
    I think all the women are very beautiful and they have their own style and flair and are apparently doing well or they wouldnt be there!

    To me this sounds like a pathetic sad plea to work at the ranch and it isnt going to work by talking TRASH!
  3. Good going... that was so disrespectfull who do they think they are...

    They are trash for coming on here and talk like that :x
  4. I appoligize

    I didn't mean to say they look like trash, I guess that was harsh wording. I really meant that they could look a lot more presentable. I am not saying that the girls have bad taste but I know that there are so many outfits out there that could get them even more money from their clients. Make them look more like playmates, which every guy fantasizes about and would pay lots of cash to sleep with one. Any girl with the right makeup, hair, and wardrobe can look like a playmate. I've seen a lot of Playboy playmates in person and before they get beautified they are just ordinary women. "The magic is in the makeup" I am truly sorry if I offended anyone.
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    Watch what you speak in here........

    Lucy Lee,
    One rule in this place is very simple, watch what you speak about anyone in here: Dennis, Suzette, the lovely ladies at the Bunny Ranch, managers, the customers, and the other members of this site. One slip-up and your pegged in here. But at least you apologized, but to let you know, the ladies look great to me and many other people on here. Plus, it is not just the clothes and beauty that draws the most customers and more customers, it is the ladies personality and ability to understand the customer on the inside. Most customers just don't have sex with the ladies, they open themselves to the ladies there and the ladies do the same. That simple customer/friendship is what brings the customer coming back, not just the sex, but also a developing friendship when they keep touch by on-line email, letters, and possible cellphone calls. I have learned this lesson with the true friendship I have with a few gorgeous women dancers at a gentleman's club called, "Babylon" in Austintown, Ohio. At first we had a few simple dances, but they opened up to me on a personal level and I did the same, now they enjoy more talking to me than asking if I want a dance, because they appreciate I don't judge them, or treat them like trash, like most men do in that club. They like the fact I treat them with the same very high respect and dignity that I would to my female relatives and female friends. In return they gave their friendship to me, their honesty, treated me like real friend, and sometime a "little extra" if I do accept a dance from them, plus at times they want to hang-out with me and my other friends outside of the club for just plain fun like dinning out and watching a movie, dancing in a club, or going bowling. Amazing what a little respect and kindness will do between people on all levels, huh? I believe everyone can learn from this.
  6. Again I am sorry that I offended anyone, I was just trying to help. I went about it the wrong way and Im sorry. Wish everyone on here the best. Take care,
  7. Ideas and suggestions are appreciated but as stated earlier on this subject, i'm purty sure the girls pick their outfits and i'm sure they pick what they pick for a reason. Not the mention, the bunnyranch is so great because you are allowed to show sexuality and have sexual freedom (which includes what you wear.) Due to the fact that you could not typically wear what they wear, i'm sure it must be nice to be able to do so at the bunnyranch and be 100% comfortable in it.

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