REVIEW You Can't Spell 'Angelina' Without the Word 'Angel'

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  1. This past weekend, I took my second trip to the Bunny Ranch and spent a night with the gorgeous Angelina Monroe. I saw her on my inaugural visit too, and had such a wonderful experience that I wanted to see her again when I came back for the first time.

    On Saturday evening, she met me at the main entrance, gave me a big hug, and proceeded to take me by the hand and walk me back to her room. We engaged in some small talk there (with topics ranging from the weather during my trip to 3-ways) and then made our way to the VIP suite with a cold bottle of champagne and a hot porn DVD to set the really set the mood. After a few drinks, she said that she'd be back in just a moment and that when she returned she wanted me to be naked. I obliged.

    Just a few minutes later, with the curtains closed, lights dimmed, and the fire place going, I was laying down on the bed (the words on her profile page, "I do everything - you do nothing." is 100% accurate) and she began to pay special attention to the only part of me that was up. Not long after, neither of us had a stitch of clothing on and were caught up in pure ecstasy which resulted mind-blowing orgasms for us both. The wait was worth it and the party had just begun.

    We took a cat nap and then ended up over at the massage table. She gave the most relaxing massage which was followed up by a bubble bath in a large jacuzzi with great kisses and conversation. When we returned to the bedroom, I gave her a massage to return the favor [it's the least I could do :) ]. It was clear at that point though, I was aroused again. However, she didn't pull out all the stops this go round because she was saving me for something we'd discussed when I first arrived.

    A few hours later, at about 3 AM, she officially welcomed me to the menage a trois club as both her and another woman had their way with me. At a certain point, I was even giving oral sex to one woman while receiving it from another at the very same time.

    Angelina and I then slept together soundly until the sun rose. We spent some more time with each other that morning and she even sat with me while I ate breakfast before I needed to go.

    One of the definitions of 'angel' is, "a person of exemplary conduct and virtue." Therefore, it's no surprise that 'angel' is literally part of Angelina's name. She embodies those aforementioned positive traits and that is something I will always admire about her. I became comfortable sharing my feelings with her in addition to my body. No judgements or criticisms about anything. Just joy and respect in every way possible. In other words - If we could all be a bit more like Angelina, the world could definitely become a better place. And because of that, I'm thankful for my time with her and look forward to more of it in the future.
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    Hello my darling [smilie=be mine!.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

    Thank you for such kind words. It sounds as if you enjoyed our time as much as I truly did. What a wonderful night it was to be able to share such an erotic enjoyment. The pleasure of seeing you walk through the front door was such a joy. I am looking forward to your return trip and the ecstasy of another night together.

    Hug xoxo [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]My Love [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    awh your choice of thread title is so touching [smilie=happy.gif]

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