You are both FANTASTIC!!

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Oh this is great! I finally get to tell Dennis and Mdm Suz just how wonderful you both are! I'm a Cathouse fan, don't think I've ever missed an episode...You do a fine job and from watching the show (I've never had the opportunity to visit in person) it really seems like you provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere not only for your "girls", but for your clients as well.

    I miss working in the sex industry so much! A few years back I provided Fellatio classes here in the Tampa Bay area for interested (and/or unskilled) women...and I can't tell you how truly rewarding it was! ....for some reason watching CatHouse makes me miss the days of working on the "wrong" side of the tracks! guys are fantastic...!

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