yayyyy for the bunny ranch!

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  1. I just got my info email back and i am super excited i will add a pic here as soon as i figure out how to , something about the size of the pic's not being right i can't wait till the day i am there!!!!!! I have wanted to be a bunny for a long long time :D :D :D :D
  2. Hey gwenstacy, congratulations! I see lots of beautiful ladies apply to be a bunny and it always takes a while to hear back. Have you just gotten initial contact back, or do you have confirmation of the dates of your first week(s) at the ranch? How long did you have to wait to hear back?

    Feel free to send me a PM if you need a hand with getting the pictures posted, can't wait to see them! :)
  3. hi;)

    just got the basic info back and have sent the pics and number just now im super excited can't wait to see what can be worked out
  4. here is what i look like

    [​IMG] i never can seem to get an avatar loaded so here is a pic of me
  5. Lookin great! :) Hope you hear from Suzette soon!
  6. Congrats, I am so happy for you, which house are you going to be at?
    Cant wait to meet you and best of luck!!
  7. hi!

    I am still waiting on an interview trying my best to be patient , i want this job soooo bad I hope they like me
  8. couldn't see the pic

    Page that you put up said "Page not found". Hope they pic you

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