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  1. I guess ill start from the top, Im 20 years old and up until a week ago i was a virgin. Naturally I sought to cure that so my dad and I head down to the ranch(best dad ever). We walk inside and i find myself facing 15 beautiful women in a line up, now at this point I was more nervous then I had ever been in my life. Each lady introduces herself and suddenly I am staring into CoCo's eyes. Well not only did I have a good feeling about her but I also did my research and remembered she had alot of great reviews, So CoCo and I headed back to her room. Now i wont go into details but i must say it was a very special moment for me, she and I had a wonderfull time and I knew that I would be back sooner rather than later to experience that again.

    Now 3 days later I returned for something alitle different. CoCo had mentioned she partied well with others specifically Maya Love! Now if I have failed to mention up until this point both of these women are Super Model material! And if i had to describe the experience in one word it would be PASSION. I felt like i was in my own porno it was like a dream come true! After that i was hooked one party wasn't enough so i came back AGAIN to party with CoCo and Maya.

    Bottom Line: These 2 girls will not disappoint :D

    P.S. all my love to Coco and Maya i cant wait for when i return to Reno in November
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    You have the most awesome dad! Wait a minute, I think I'm your long lost brother! Let me talk to Dad.

    Congrats. Now dating girls in your neighborhood will just not be enough.
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    OMG......I completely looked over this one, it's a little out of date since we have since had a few more encounters, wonderful ones! Being nervous is completely normal, but you handled yourself like a pro......and it didn't take long for that to go away completely. There's a reason I remember our time together so even earned a very special title from that point!

    And your extremely delayed (LOL) return to BunnyLand was an even more exciting time. Maya and I were so happy you chose both of us, and let us break you in and open you up to even more than you anticipated! We have always had so much fun partying together.....and throwing three Southerners together, anything can and most likely will happen!!! Hope we can repeat history sometime in the near future...and I'm sure Maya would agree!

    And Rockports......just for the record, I can vouch for Dad. He's CoCo and Maya approved, as you said, the best dad!!! We love him...........and Georgia Boy!!! He did mention that dating would be extremely difficult!

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