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  1. Willow and I met online here on the message boards back in early May. We had fun with banter and teasing both here and on myspace over the month or so before my first trip to Bunnyland. She often reminded me that we were going to have to get together to "discuss" some of the tension that had built up.

    On the second night of my recent visit, I made arrangements to return to the Ranch to get some pics with my date from the night before (yes, in all the excitement, I left the camera at the hotel!). Willow texted me that evening to make sure that I was going to stop by. That seemed strange as I didn't know that Willow had my cell# and I hadn't met her yet.

    When I arrived at the MLBR that night, Willow met me at the BunnyBar. I felt like I had met an old friend. The first time she touched me, goosebumps broke out. Even though she knew I couldn't afford a party that night, she was a wonderful hostess! She took me back to show me her room and I knew that I was hooked. Willow is far more beautiful than any picture can show. Her personality glows. I knew that I had to party with her one way or another before I left town.

    With a little planning and some great luck (Thanks Celtics!), I found my opportunity on my final night in town. I had enough funds for a short party. So, I texted Willow and set the date!

    No matter what else happened that night, Willow left me with the knowledge that I had made a great decision! I won't go into the details of our date, I won't kiss and tell! I will just say that it was AMAZING. It surpassed anything that I could've imagined. Willow is AMAZING.
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    Im glad you had an experience that you will remember forever. Miss Willow is an enchanting and beautiful person and congrats on recieving such a wonderful review.
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    Oh thanks you guys! I had a great time too. I can't waite to see you both again. Indy your b day should be amazing!
  4. Thank you Miss Willow, you are amazing!. You are a great woman and I really had a great time with you. I can't wait to get back to the Ranch for my bday weekend and I have some awesome fantasies to work with that weekend.

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