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  1. i recently emailed a Bunny Ranch girl [ i used a different email; i tried to sign up here with that email and couldn't], expressed an interest in a special three girl party for myself--likely to take place on November 20 [my birthday is November 21, and i have something else thought up for the day of], with a prior one-on-one sleepover where i'd be staying from each so that i might feel at home with them for this party; the total booking, essentially, would be two sessions with each, if the funding that i'm hoping for comes through--and i described a few ideas of mine of how the three-girl might go down.

    not unreasonably, she asked me to make a deposit, and said that she'd feel better about discussing such plans afterward.

    she failed to describe how i should go about making the deposit. i asked her if she has a PayPal or something, and she seemed to just deflect me like there's no way i cannot know what to do.

    do i give it to the Ranch? and then give the remainder to the Ranch when it's time for me to pay in full? do i put down one deposit and it covers the whole booking, or do i give for each girl? ...

    i haven't yet contacted the other two girls to see about getting them onboard with this because 1) one might take issue with the appearance of my teeth, and i won't hold it against her and 2), again, i don't yet have a budget for it and i'd just wanted to get an idea of how different what can be done would be from what i would like; i haven't even told this girl what exactly i'd like, just hoped to brainstorm.

    how does this work?
  2. Welcome to the boards Brandon. Since you are talking about first having three one-on-one sleepover parties before your "big" three girl party, let's start with that first. Call the BunnyRanch 1-775-246-9901 and talk to the cashier and make a deposit by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) over the phone. You will probably be asked who the lady is that you want the deposit credited to, and the date and time of your party if you are also making an appointment. I suggest you do this for each of the three girls that you are doing the one-on-one prior sleepover parties with. You might want to contact each lady individually to make sure of their availability, November is 8 months away. Make sure each girl knows you are placing a deposit for a party with the cashier, so that she can put it in her personal calendar too. Since your big party is going to be on the 20th, what prior days are you planning on having your 3 sleepover initial parties? I hope you are planning on at least a weeklong vacation if you are going to have 4 party sessions in a short period of time. Be flexible in your options, especially on availability since in 8 months one or more of the girls you picked might not be at the ranch when you get there. If a lady is not available that you made a deposit with, that deposit can be transferred to another lady, so you won't lose the money. Since you don't know who the 3 girls are yet, don't worry about making a deposit on the big party right now, it's more important that the ladies know you are serious about partying by making a decent deposit for the one-on-one sleepover and are not a fake person or timewaster. Fake? Yes, some people spend time making plans and appointments, and never show up or call to cancel. Discuss the sleepover and 3 girl parties with the girls whenever you like, 8 months gives you a long time to think about it. In your 3 girl party you can also have girls from the Love Ranch North, Kit Kat Ranch, and Sagebrush Ranch join you with the BunnyRanch girl. It's commonly called crossover parties and happens frequently since all 4 ranches are under the same ownership and are located very close to each other. It does give you a much bigger selection of girls to choose from.
  3. thank you, very much, for the earnest answer. i am breathing a little more easily, now that i know what to do, and that bit about crossover parties i'd thought of and didn't think could happen [note for future visits]; it does give me more freedom for my trip plans and, you are correct: i would book a girl back-to-back for the first three nights of the week. you are also correct to mention that a lot can happen between now and November--my funding might not come through and i want to not be called "fake", the girls that i have in mind at the moment might not be there [though, hopefully (like Alice Little), they've just changed their venue, lol], my funding might come through and i don' have the budget that i anticipate let alone what i think is fair and would need to rethink what i'd like to arrange--and i had hoped to not convey an interest in making any concrete plans until i have my budget in hand. that's also why i am on the boards, now, thankfully. i want to not waste anyone's time and i want to not blow up their emails with nothing but ideas.
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