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  1. What do you get a man who has everything?

  2. An ironclad prenuptual agreement! :wink:
  3. I would take my Dad to Brunch but he's dead.........
  4. PC

    I'm quit sure Big Daddy Hof is not in search of all that Matrimonial ties may bring... Yet I still have faith in all of you out there, please assist me in a Fathers Day Gift.

    Remember we are shopping for a Male Icon!
  5. Re: PC

    I find when dealing with millionaires, if not billionaires, that it's best to give something of personal value as opposed to monetary value.

    A photo album, perahps?
  6. Bingo

    BINGO: You have hit the nail on the head... What would that be?

  7. Re: Bingo

    I suggest a photo album and/or a collage including passages to the reader, it allows every one to contribute to the gift and gives it a sense of nostalgia. A rememberance of "daddies girls" seems appropriate on this occassion, and I assure you memories are priceless.
  8. TY

    Thank you, that's a beautiful idea... I'll get that around the ranch to see if everyone is on the same page, or at least a erotic version of it. 8)

    Licks and Kisses,
    Mia Morgan

    M&M mmmelts in your mouth, not in your hands...
  9. Re: TY

    You're welcome, I hope the idea is well received.
  10. U should put a 1st class ticket to some crazy exotic city, like Florianopolis Brasil in the photo album as a surprize...thats where the victoria secret models are from!!!! I know I'm goin....

    (but remember its winter there, so book it for Janurary when its winter here)
  11. Ohh and he might bring back some new talent to the ranch.... fun 4 all !!! :eek:
  12. E

    Erotic, did I tell you my Birthday is later this month...

    Licks and Kisses,
    Mia Morgan

    M&M mmmelts in your mouth, not in your hands... :shock:
  13. fathers day brunch

    Oh, brucey, Im sorry. Im taking my 86 year old father to brunch this sunday and would love to have to come along. my father can be your father. I will share.
  14. Brucy

    That's right we all will share Brucy... You can come to the Bunnyranch and Daddy Hof can be your Daddy for a day. Wow, what a day...

    Licks and Kisses,
    Mia Morgan
  15. I feel 4-U! as well, because my dad is deceased. But the kind gesture
    ( the brunch date) and thought is warming to the heart in our time of need :)

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