What is it called when a word is . .

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  1. What is it called when a word is spelled the same way backwards as forwards???

    I've been pondering this since I realized that the word Madam was the same spelling forwards as backwards. For us geeks out there, I had Wolfe google it and it is called a Palindrome. WOW

    Is there a name for a jumble of a name like Suzette to Zeusett, or Tueszet.. or how about Alexis to Sixela or Sex Lai or I Sex Al... lol anyone know the answer?

  2. Huh?

    Are you calling me a Palindrome ?

  3. BTB bob the builder

    BTB = bob the builder.. no matter how you slice it, yes, you are a palindrome! :mrgreen: Alexis
  4. the Real BOB

    BOB = Battery Operated Boyfriend.. The truth is that you are really a dildo, a girls best friend! Alexis
  5. 1st Palindrome

    It is said that the first palindrome took place in the garden of Eden. The conversation went like this.

    "Madam I'm Adam" (he introduced himself)
    "Eve" (she replied)

    Well, I always liked it anyway.
  6. Re: the Real BOB

    My cock is maned BOB

  7. its big on something
  8. i think its big on BS
  9. A word or set of numbers which is the same read forward as it is when read backward is called a "palindrome" (i.e., Anna, 12321). A word or phrase which is reordered to contain the same letters in a different order is called an "anagram" (i.e., "him not log" is an anagram of "moonlight").

    - K.
  10. What is Dennis Name....

    What is Dennis name spelled backwards?? It is appropriately spelled SINNED Alexis :twisted:
  11. Madsci, The word of the day is.....

    Polydactyl - Hemmingway had fed many, and I have one.
  12. lol @ sinned
  13. ALEXIS,


  14. When they spelled the different and mean the same they are Synonyms if i am not mistaken, same sound and different meaninf are anonyms.

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