What if Someone is "Unhappy" With a Party :-0?

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  1. I know it's probably rare, but have you ever had instances when a client is (for whatever reason) "unhappy" with a party or with the services provided?

    What is/are the policy/policies if, after the party, the client is (for lack of a better term) less than thrilled*?

    * Of course, with that being said, I suppose it can go both ways in that, after the party, maybe it could be the courtesan who ends up being less than thrilled :confused:.
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  2. Each lady is an independent contractor and sets her own "rules" so you need to be specific during negotiations with her. If you negotiated some activity and she didn't perform or said no when it was agreed to, then IMMEDIATELY contact the shift supervisor after the party so that both of you can be questioned and the issue resolved. If that happens, don't wait. You might remember vividly what happen or didn't happen, but a few days later she might not even remember who you were. Negotiations is part of the verbal "contract" you have with the lady. Don't assume, they can treat each client differently too, so what you may have heard or read about another client getting to do something, don't think that you automatically get that too. Ask during negotiations exactly what you want to do. For example, there are a few ladies that once you have an orgasm, your party is over, no matter how much time you negotiated. Other ladies might allow you to have multiple orgasms during the time allotted for your party. Ask first.

    If the party was lackluster or not up to your expectations but everything that was agreed to during negotiations basically happened, she did nothing wrong so just chalk it up to experience, and the next time find some other lady that you can connect with better. I've had poor, lackluster parties before but never had a problem with not getting what I asked for during negotiations. How do you negotiate enthusiasm if you want the lady not to fake it? If I don't enjoy the party, they don't get a second chance from me, there is no next time since there are many other ladies to choose from. My ATF Roxy Gold at Sagebrush always gives me a 100% effort as does Cinnamon at Love Ranch North. Other clients have other favorite ladies that they connect with and have "chemistry" together where both the lady and the client really have much more than just going through the robotic motions of sexual intimacy with each other. In life outside the brothel too, it is rare to see two people react the same with each other in the bedroom, people are different and react to each other differently, and the same is true in the brothels. There are a few ladies I think of as close friends and lovers, and when we party it is like having a friends with benefits relationship where we can talk to each other about anything. For me, those parties are the best, it doesn't matter as much about what we do sexually or her physical looks or attractiveness, it is more important that I have an attraction to her on a more personal and emotional level. Maybe it is because I am old. Younger guys might just be after the raw animalistic sex, like I was a long long time ago.
  3. I've never had a bad party, though I admit there were times when the chemistry was not perfect. I think it's important to spend a considerable time on the message boards, and visit the girl and and get a feeling about her before booking the first party. And during the party, you need to be open to talking about what's working and what's not. I also book shorter first parties so we can test drive each other. And if I like it, I come back for more.

    As you've pointed out, it could be for "whatever reason." I've had a couple of situations where it was my own body that wasn't quite cooperative - the mind wanted to party but the second brain was not ready and it took a bit of coaxing. That would be of course my own fault.

    I don't know if your question is a hypothetical one only. For me, while some parties are better than others, I've always walked out of the bedroom with a smile.
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    Oh man, that's the first time I've heard that. That really diminishes my enthusiasm to ever make my first visit now. :( How can they get away with that? Allowing them to just "rip up" the verbal agreement regarding the "time you negotiated" provides an incentive for such ladies to just try to get a vulnerable guy to blow his load in eight seconds so she can move on - no real intimacy, and none of the [much-advertised] "caring & understanding" for people with problems like premature ejaculation or whatever (which includes all ages and income groups). Plus it makes a guy completely nervous the whole time rather than being able to savor and enjoy the experience at his own pace. Geez.

    I'd sure like to know which ladies definitely don't work that way, so I can confine my patronage to them exclusively, thank you.

    BTW, what's to stop a lady from initially agreeing to a "multiple" orgasm "time-based" party, getting paid, and then suddenly changing her mind, post-pop, and saying, "All done, baby - see ya next time."? Since it was only a verbal agreement - what recourse would we really have if we wanted to complain to the office and get a partial refund?
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  5. So far, every single girl I've been with has honored my verbally arranged terms. In fact, some of them can't get enough! My favorite girls often spend time after our allotted time hanging out in the bar or lounge area with me, usually until they need to line up. I rebook them for another party for the next day, etc.
  6. Most ladies don't work that way, very few over the years that I know of, it is rare. I posted in a different thread in this forum about what to do if you are disssatisfied with a party because of an unfulfilled broken agreement. Read other informative threads made by other guys. Ladies that are ROBs (Rip Off Bitches) don't last long in the business, I don't know of any that are working at the ranches anymore and in 8 years I have seen a lot, but the bad or negative things happen infrequently, the ladies are human and you meet up with all kinds, even in everyday life.

    You would do better to communicate via email with some ladies before you make a trip to the ranches. Start off with the ladies you have an interest in that have worked consistently at the ranches for at least a year. You should contact a lady that has the best chance of being available when you decide to go to the ranches, since newer ladies sometimes leave after a short time. Ask more from the ladies you pick, and tell them about your concerns that you mentioned. You can talk about those party details like multiple orgasms before you even get to the ranch. You just are not supposed to talk about prices. Save your emails, that is a written and not verbal record of what you expected in a party. Read the reveiws of those ladies that you pick, especially written from frequent ranch guests. Dissatisfied clients will not write good reviews. You would do best to start with the popular established ladies to get off to a good start. Good luck, find some ladies that you can connect with and send them emails.

    Be a gentleman to all the ladies you contact, in person and online. Most ladies are good people, and are human and can get hurt feelings. Don't be a "cheap ass" because you often get what you pay for. The girls are like girls everywhere, they often talk to each other about guys. Don't be an asshole and end up paying an inflated "asshole tax" for your party, they are humans with feelings and they can vary their prices depending on how they feel about you so try to treat them nicely.
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    Very informative!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with everybody!!! You are awesome!!![smilie=hi ya!.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=hi ya!.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    :D While part of me would secretly get a kick out of seeing an actual hard-copy bill with a literal "asshole tax" penciled in by a lady, fortunately it's not even remotely in my DNA to actually be one, so... :)

    Consequently, my concern is really geared toward dudes' potential inability to... "last" long enough with a lady, rather than an inability to be kind to her. That's of course unacceptable.

    And yeah, I gather that "R.O.B.s" aren't too common - I just thought I'd throw a little hypothetical out there, to elicit some great responses - like yours - so that we potential clients can gain a better understanding of how to avoid falling prey to such costly... "situations", rare as they may be. Thanks for the great tips!
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    Great to hear that. Thanks!

    (...although, Rockports, keep in mind that your wildly positive experiences with the ladies might have a bit to do with the fact that you're a very tall, attractive, supremely intelligent, fantastically witty guy with a lot of money and a massive schlong.) (?)

    (just guessin') :p
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  10. I have had two bad experiences. So I started coming to the message boards and reading the girls posts. I have been several times now and every time sense has been fantastic. communicate with a few of the girls and your only problem will be who to see. Every one of them I have met is so much more beautiful and sweeter in person, you'll be amazed when you get there. Read what they post and you will get a gimps of there personality. I have seen several and had great times with them all.
  11. Yeah, spot on! And don't forget a beautiful smile and smooth silky skin!
  12. But seriously, I try to interact with the girls first on the board, then in person and then have my "test drive." If the chemistry is good, I book more parties.

    Chemistry goes both ways. She had to "feel it" too.
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    Most ladies love to make a client cum. Read the reviews, pick any veteran lady, communicate with her, and you will have a good time. I have had, more than a hundred parties at the ranches. The vast majority were very satisfying.
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