...what does one have to do????

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  1. i submitted the form but what else does one have to do to become a bunny? i am very interested and would love to cum and work for you!!!
  2. All the way from Montreal!!!

    I was wondering the same thing ....
    I have been inquiring about working there for the past 2 years but wondered how i would go about it considering I'm all the way in Montreal Canada
    Hopefully someone can help me out!
    Thanks :D
  3. :oops: :oops: :oops: OH MY!!! Do both of you wanna be bunnies at the same time???
    You know I'm Dennis's Personal Assistant, I can help... :lol:
  4. Dennis' personal assistant huh??? well we will have to see... but of course i would love to be a bunny!!!
  5. Would love to know how you could hepl!

    I've never been able to even retrieve a form to fill out to become a Bunny!
    I had tried call in when I was 19 but had to wait until I turned 21!
    I have pics on hand to send if I can get some more info about how to do so...
  6. Re: Would love to know how you could hepl!

    You don't have to wait till your 21. For this county you only have to be 18
  7. In Arkansas you only have to be 14 but it must be with a blood relative.........
  8. hahaha...well miss jenny then how does one become a bunny?
  9. Click on Be a Bunny.... then give Madam Suzette a few weeks to get back to you!

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