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  1. well lets see. i love watching Cathouse. love, love, love. all the girls. and maybe oneday i might try to work there. i dont know yet. but how come there is no new epsiodes. if you agree. then post a comment. but i think that they should show some of the newb's that work there as well. :wink:
  2. the new season is expected to start the beginning of '07
  3. Jess is right. I think they start in January 07
  4. IT can't come soon enough!!
  5. I know. I feel like I've seen every episode 4 times and I'm still addicted.
  6. Same here!
    WHat was your favorite?
  7. wow, finally some kinda of date... I was starting to think there was no second season.
  8. You have to get HBO just to see that. In fact I have cancelled HBO temporarily but will get it again as soon as the new season of Cathouse comes back on!
  9. Jess cum to my house and we'll watch the new season together :wink: 8)
  10. I just started viewing Cathouse too. I'm happy that I get to view 2 back to back episodes on the documentary channel.
  11. well, I was hoping comcast was going to put them on the HBO "ONDEMAND" section again. dang it they didn't
  12. They've had them ondemand several times. I'm sure they'll have them there again.

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