what can a female expect to get paid per month??

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  1. how does the compensation work over there? is there any kind of contract? if a bunny were to work there for a month, about how much can she expect to get paid??
    thanks in advance
  2. you pay the house half... the rest is yours. i don't believe there is a contract, but i could be wrong...? and skys the limit on earnings. it's all up to you.
  3. Most girls work 7 to 10 days a month and have a six figure income.

    I if they work more or build a clientele it can be much bigger. The longer they were here the more of a base of clients they have.
  4. SKYE'S the limit???LOL :wink: :lol:
  6. she can make as much as she wants or as little as she wants. depends on her attitude and her focus.
  7. that is os true, its not about being a beauty queen its about how much fun you are and how much you want it.
  8. How many girls are usually available for line ups at each appt? How many girls are usually working at the Bunny Ranch on a given day?

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