Wedding In Times Square

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. I went to the wedding of Rich Voss from last comic standing.

    The second year he was a judge and met the Canadain Comic Bonnie
    Mc Farland.

    Their wedding reception was held tonight at Carolines comedy club on Broadway and of course all the comics were there. As you all know by now, If I am not cummming I want to laugh and I sure did laugh tonight.

    I found out from the Crank Yankers guys, they got the Bunnyranch, damn!!!

    I walked out of Carolines to show my friend Times Square as she has never been there. When we left Carolines a police car came up looking at us, then the officer said "Excuse me, BunnyRanch?" it was on, we had a NYPD escort thru Times Square, the officer even went into the Swatch store and the Hershey's store with us, it was to cool, I took pics and will post a link when I get back to Nevada.

    You gotta love New York where else can I get a police escort?
    Actually I met two New York drug officers at the Hogs & heifers party in Ls Vegas, I got a call the next day from NYPD guys saying they wanted to escort my limo from the New York airport but I thought that be a bit much, madam would have freaked.

    It was a nice wedding reception, I hope I find the right situation some day so I can get married.
  2. yes

    I hope you are lucky enough to get married one day Dennis!! :)
    Luv ya,
    Ravishing Redhead
  3. Something about weddings makes many people want to tie the knot.

    Carefull Dennis your sweet, sensitive side is showing and it is sooooo endearing!

  4. I guess it took a wedding to bring it out of me HUH?
  5. Dennis,I too am looking for the right situation for Marriage.I believe I have it narrowed down to a Wealthy,Teenaged,Bi,Nymphomaniac with a non-communicable terminal Illness..............
  6. Ah Dennis-you slay me!

    If you find Ms Right- It will be a marriage made in the stars I am sure.

    I love this soft, cuddly side you are showingXOXO

  7. You are to funny Bruce, does she have a sister?
  8. ha

    This Halloween, you'll find her.
  9. im not contagous

    What about ole Maddie?

    Bruce will u marry me? we dont have to file paperwork!
  10. I'm going to assume that no one has told you that Marriage is the leading cause of Divorce.............
  11. definately wait till you find the right person who agrees on the same idea of marriage as you do!! i did and it is perfect. never want kids and we believe that we are married in mind and soul. we will grow old together but there is nothing wrong with a little sex and fun on the side! i know sppiritually i am his and he is mine and sex on the side has nothinn to do with that and would never break it

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