Ways To Better Organize the Boards So Things Are More Coherent And Not A Hassle To Look At?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by KittiMinx, Dec 14, 2015.

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  1. There's been a lot of on and off dialogue in regards to "quality over quantity" when it comes to threads, and also in regards to replying to/bumping threads up (especially older ones) and the reply adds nothing to potential conversation, just filler. Similar dialogue also involved the frustrations of scrolling through numerous different threads where many replies are clearly just copied and pasted a bunch of places rather than actual unique replies.

    It really clutters the forums and can make it hard to find things if someone needs to. Plus several users have vocally spoken up about how off putting it is not only to us Ladies but clients/potential clients trying to use the boards as well.

    Part of the boards' existence is to allow friends, clients, and potential clients the chance to get to know Ladies through various discussions on whatever topics they fancy. Promotion of availability and services is part of it as well, but it really shouldn't dominate nearly every section of the forum 24/7. Especially with users posting or bumping multiple topics of theirs (that are usually Promotion type posts) where it floods the first page of a board.

    It was more understandable when these forums were using an older system. But since the upgrade, especially with ability for users to follow other users to be notified of new postings and whatnot, the need to spam incessantly isn't exactly needed anymore. It makes what could be a cool, fun, modern forum look more like an early 2000s BB board (especially sites like Neopets), or worse - Backpage. I'd like to think we're classier than that! At least as far as this forum is concerned.

    I mod several forums for various interests and the Admins on a lot of them have code in place that prevents users from making the same post over and over again, flooding the forum (daily thread/post limits), and other features to keep order and integrity to their boards. Because if, say, someone came to one of those boards looking for a tutorial to build a prop from Final Fantasy VII, it's a lot easier for them to search around than to weed through an endless sea of threads and posts by mostly the same people until they maybe find what they're looking for. For an example on here, let's say someone who never visited a Ranch got curious and joined the boards to see more what it's all about, perhaps hoping to get some insight into how it works and to get to know the girls so they can make an informed decision before planning their trip - they log in and scroll through and see mostly spam (Promo Threads, Zombie-d threads with nothing to go with to further conversation, game threads, etc). In this modern day and age that could easily put someone off as it's adding extra steps to get to the information they were looking for or to find discussions to take part in. That potential client could then very well become too frustrated and decide to take their business somewhere else.

    As of this posting, it's almost 2016. It's time to get with the modern era and try to better follow the courtesy that goes along with being on a forum or chat system these days. Spam frustrated people on boards a decade ago, so it's definitely not a favorable public opinion in this day and age.

    Perhaps maybe have a section of the forum that's for Promotion Posts Only (and one sub-forum for each Ranch) where users can post when they'll be available at the ranches, specials they're offering, etc. And then others can reply and bump as they please. This could leave the main Ranches sections used for discussions to be utilized to promote live streams, Q&As with girls of each ranch, Master Threads For Girl's Photos (one thread is where they put all their photos as they put them up, and with the new system's Albums feature, that would make it easy and work quite well, and then of course other users could reply/bump if they want to), discussions about working at the ranches and various special fun things a girl makes her forte, etc. So long as that's not abused, then those sections would be a lot more organized and pleasant to go through and involve oneself in.

    Then of course basically leaving the rest as is - General Discussion is fine for game threads (games should probably be moved there anyway, yeah?) among other things that would be "General Discussion". And I'd like to assume the other areas speak for themselves. Ranch Reports for reviews. Bunny Blogs for bunnies to share blog posts or videos or whatever about what's going on in their minds. The Line Ups Sections to make sure users are aware of who is currently located at each place and who isn't available. Like I said, they speak for themselves. :)

    I know I'm not the first person to say something about this, and I likely won't be the last. It's just I have a feeling if things were cleaned up a bit better and the using experience less cluttered and overwhelming it'd not only make it more fun for the current members but likely help encourage new people to join and post as well, especially potential new clients. I've been on here long enough to know that how things currently go about each day isn't boosting business much. A fresher, more organized approach that embraces this new millennium and to a degree internet culture may very well be what the doctor ordered.

    If adjusting the boards so everything is more organizing is too confusing for
    *you and therefore upsetting because you barely figured out how to work things to do your posts and have them look nice - that's what taking a couple minutes to look at tutorials is for. There's several pinned in the boards for anyone to check at their leisure and also Google is your friend, too! If this relatively basic tech is too much then set aside maybe an hour or so and freshen up on some tutorials - take notes if you have to, and practice! But the rest of the board members, potential board members, and really the internet community itself shouldn't be stuck in the Stone Age because someone doesn't want to take a little bit of time to get a refresher on how these things work. For a better experience for everyone, a bit of organizing and sprucing up should be in order. Then we could really see how much potential for fun and other things this forum really has! :p

    */hypothetical, generic/ you

    I know we can do this! We have the technology! Less talk more action! *dramatic pose*

    anigif_mobile_607e0651586820875ae5e3308ce1abca-12.gif nU5cR3C.gif tumblr_inline_nn7tv1C0Be1r0x68m_500.gif tumblr_inline_n6wkz0fymT1rzgpge.gif gallery_32305_435_659324.gif

  2. I agree - quality over quantity! In fact, if I see a bunch of posts from one girl clustered together, I bypass them automatically. There's only so much relevant matter that a person can say in a short period of time.

    The other thing is that girls now post the same thing across all the houses. Maybe it's time to consolidate the Bunnyaranch, LoveRanch and Sage Brush forums into one. Those groupings may have had meaning once, but with everyone posting everywhere, it's now become a nuisance. Besides, with all those houses being so close to each other, you should promote them all together.

    The new board looks great and it's an improvement, but it appears that it's also easier to hijack the topics.
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  3. I think that a daily post limit is a great idea. It would cut down on spamming and encourage people to post only when they have something of substance and quality to say :)

    I also think that reorganizing things needs to be done. If the General Forum is for Game Threads and general questions, then we should utilize it as such. It was my understanding that moderators were supposed to be working on transferring threads to that section as need be. I don't see this happening, though. Also, maybe a notification needs to be sent out to ladies to start posting general topics IN the General Forum?
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  4. I'm going to show an example of a forum I helped put together once upon a time - http://thekorraconnection.com/index.php

    Even the bare minimum one can see without an account is really well organized with section descriptions labeled clearly in ways people can understand. Members have access to even more sections and subforums as well to keep everything tidy and easy to keep track of.

    I don't have anything to do with this one other than be a creepy lurker sometimes, however this has a different style set up but is still very well organized to fit its needs and keep everything on track in terms of the subject matter the forum was made for in the first place - http://gurugossiper.com/index.php

    Spam is kept to a minimum and if a thread about one thing gets too big the mods authorize 2nd/3rd/4th/etc threads be created if the need arises. There's plenty of ways for members to put themselves out there without coming on too strong or seeming obnoxious which in turn could cause other members to not bother contributing or not even look at anything at all. More members get farer turns with discussions and sharing their media as well.

    And that's just pulling out of a hat from the many forums I've frequented in my long internet life. It's hard for me to buy an explanation as to why we can't have certain systems in place, some rules members are required to follow, better overall organization, and what have you. Basic forums made overnight by a 12 tear old for talking about things related to pop groups like 5 Seconds of Summer are done decently and moderated relatively fairly.... and the membership base of those things isn't even old enough to be out of high school.

    The current era of internet as well as modern net etiquette isn't harmful I promise!

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  5. ShyKyle87
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    ShyKyle87 Well-Known Member

    Kitti, I think you've brought up some great ideas for making the forums better. It would be great if the admins would close down some threads after a period of time, especially if there is no substance being added to the topics (spam posts). Or close down threads that are nothing more than a random thought that suddenly popped into a lady's head. Maybe the threat of closing down threads will encourage the ladies to better organize their threads or topics in a way that doesn't take up a page or two in a forum.

    As far as the spam posts go, the admin codes for eliminating cookie-cutter posts might be the best way to go. An alternative would be a "Report as Spam" button, but I don't the admins would want to deal with thousands of those messages a day.
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  6. ChicagoBob
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    ChicagoBob Well-Known Member

    I'll add a few thoughts from a long term client:
    * I think over-posting/spamming is inconsiderate to other board users.
    * It does not make me want to party with those ladies; it actually has the opposite effect - it's a major turn-off.
    * When I see over-posting, it makes me just log out (which defeats the entire purpose of the boards).
    * I believe that a max of 5-10 posts a day are ok, but for heaven's sake, say something!
    * To those ladies who respect the boards, I love you!
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  7. Yep and for those of us who know forum etiquette and want to be respectful it almost becomes a bit of a Catch 22 when you want to put something out there, and people to see it and offer their input, only for it to be buried in an hour under a sea of someone posting a bunch of new threads or bumping their threads all at once. Then it's like... what do you do? Hence why I think more rules should be established and enforced, sections added meant specifically for threads/posts to advertise services and availability, and better organization overall. It'd make the boards a better experience for ladies and guys alike. :)
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  8. To add to above, part of why I wanted to use these boards is because I want to connect with clients on a more personal level. More than just "Hey I'll be at ____ at this time come see me because I have boobs and a vagina!" or "Look at this special I'm running come see and give me money!" - actually engage and talk to people. Get to know someone's interests, and if there's shared interests - BAM FRIENDSHIP MODE UNLOCKED! I'm a people person in my civilian life as well and things I've done outside of this world involved socializing and building good rapport with people. The same applies to here, I'd like to have positive rapport where even if it's just people saying hey in emails, PMs, or Twitter as dude to finances or timing they can't come out to a Ranch when I'm there I'd still be elated! Because when I talk to someone and build that I care about them. I like to make people happy. With more than just showing them my goodies - actually talking to them and being a real person.

    And I also wanted to use the boards to communicate with other Ladies, ones at Ranches I currently am not located at, and also be in touch when I'm not working at any of them - back out in my civilian life. As again, I'm a people person, and I like to make friends!

    Since their invention forums have been a great tool for socializing online and building friendly relations with others. They're for more than just advertising things or superficial type posts like "look at me! look at me! look at me!" (I try to put all my pics in organized Albums and then have Master Threads for my photos and just bump them if new images are added, rather than have a dozen threads to show photos whenever I add one - to me it's easier to be more organized like that and it's polite!). I care more about socializing and discussion and getting to know people. When I do want to promote something, I try to do it with style (like the video and detailed images I made to announce my return to LRV in January) or actually go into detail about what I have to offer and my approach to what I do - more than just "Hey I'm here! I have a body! Come see me!".

    And I'm working on getting a video/vlog series started so again, I can connect with you guys better and in a creative way. I have a lot of experience in my civilian life in film and TV and working with video in general so it's something fun for me. And then instead of getting text posts it's something a little more personal. :)

    There's a lot of ways a person can stand out and be noticed on here without spamming the boards with multiple threads and posts. And it's likely to be way more effective! Creativity, originality, and integrity goes a long way!

    And have a gif because I like GIFs they amuse me

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  9. We try to keep up on it as fast as we can - people just aren't learning as quickly as we'd like them to :)
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  10. Ok - question for everyone:

    In order to actively encourage this - I have a couple thoughts that can handle it technologically on the board side:
    1. Maximum Daily Post count - This means during any calendar day a person would only be able to post X new posts. Would love suggestions on what "X" is
    2. Minimum word count - I believe this may help encourage posts that have AT LEAST X words in order to be posted...For example - make it 20 words - That would filter out a lot of the "Me Too" and "So Sexy" and so on...

    I'm also looking into some self moderating options....letting "registered users" only vote on which posts are spam and we can start cleaning up the boards.
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  11. On other forums I frequent that are heavily trafficked the Maximum Daily ranges from as low as 10 (the really popular, crowded forums) to about 50. If thread creation and replies are included in the daily post limit that may encourage users to think more wisely about how they want to allot their postings - more new threads, or reply to other threads? 50 would be pretty fair for this forum - in a 24 hour day that's about 2 or so posts an hour. Profile/Status updates and Media uploads shouldn't count, though as they're separate. Since the Ranches are in Nevada have it reset at like 11:59pm PST or something.

    Minimum word count - IMO at least 10. That's a solid sentence right there. (Emojis/Smilies should not be considered words >_>;;) Images shouldn't count as words either as, well, you have to type words to insert images. - basically code tags wouldn't count either. If that makes any sense.

    If it's possible maybe have an automated detection thing for when people C/P the same thing in replies multiple times, especially consecutively. And then it pops up with a warning like "Our system is detection a frequency of the same message that's triggered our Spam Bot detection. Please confirm you are human before proceeding."

    And definitely for the Users weed out spam. Perhaps to qualify you have to have been registered for at least X amount of time, log in and post every so often (like at least once a month), and then those who do qualify but break whatever strike rules are imposed for spamming or other rule breaking lose the privilege (and aren't allowed to whine about it, they can just go sit on the naughty step).
  12. crumbie
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    crumbie Active Member

    yes. this.
    1. I think a happy medium, at least for me, would be 30ish posts in a day.
    2. 10 words. take my above sentence, for example, it's not the best sentence in the world but it's ok, and without including any prepositions, it has about 7-8 words. so 10-20 is good.

    here's one you forgot :p 3. how many posts in a particular time frame? 1 per minute.
    let me explain this one... I click on 'new posts' to see whats going on, on this board.. a lot of the time, if there is one person as the last poster on the whole page (obvious bumping) I skip them all, I don't bother to see if it's anything I might be interested in. For one certain offender today, I shan't name, I counted as many as 5 new posts in one minute, sometimes as low as 2. out of curiousity, I clicked these threads, there was nothing to add, just emotes, every single thread. I nearly put her on ignore (still might)
    putting a time limit on how many posts one can make in a certain time period, I think, would help with the spamming and may discourage it in the future. another board I'm on, there's a 90 sec wait between posts, so bringing this board down to 60 isn't that bad.

    and addressing other things brought up... better organization of the boards is a must in my opinion.
    Game forum! shunt every game everywhere, into this forum, clears up most of the clutter
    General Discussion - I know one already exists but it's crap...basically used for whatever we want to talk about
    House forums - where the ladies of that house advertise... and TWO sub forums, one for reviews of ladies of that house and one for anything else pertaining to that particular house, that ISN'T a advertisement or a review.

    I'll probably have to have another reread of this thread before I can add anything more
  13. Thank you for your input! Duly noted!!

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  14. DarkSampson
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    DarkSampson Well-Known Member

    I do like the limiting of how many posts. Say 15 to 20 for my liking. As I don't just talk to 1 bunny only. I have my favs but there is always room for new bunnies and just a convo with a friend you enjoy talking to. As for the word count I am not sure I like that one because a person could have a lot to say and really likes giving details. But I do like the idea of the self moderating. If enough votes that what was said is spam then it should transfer to a spam page. Just my opinion .

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  15. It wasn't a limit of number of words...it was a minimum....

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  16. ShyKyle87
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    ShyKyle87 Well-Known Member

    I think a maximum post count would be a good idea. Perhaps a max of 20? At the very least, a user can reply to a decent number of posts on their threads. In addition, it at least slows down the people who bump 50+ threads a day with spam posts.

    A minimum word count of, say, 15 words might be a good number to start with. A few ladies on here can still spam posts with 10 words, so 15 might force a little more thought. Emphasis on "might."

    I do think that there needs to be some type of coding that would either prevent spam posts from being posted, or would delete said spam. I've noticed a few of the mega-spamming ladies use similar phrases in their spam posts ("Thanks for sharing!" for example), and perhaps the coding could look for those types of phrases. Just a thought.
  17. Sorry, Freaky! I didn't mean it to sound the way it did. The problem isn't the moderators, it's definitely the offenders. Maybe a sticky thread should be created letting everyone know what certain threads are supposed to go in what forums?
  18. The forum uses Xenforo not phpBB and we're working on the proper way to do it

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  19. - I think that limiting post count to 30 a day is good. I know a lot of people will want around 40-50, but I think that's a lot. 30 seems good to me.

    - I think that a minimum of 15 words need to be posted in order to post something.

    - I don't like the idea about 1 post per minute or having a timer. I type REALLY fast. I already have problems with the timer we have now. If we have a post count then I don't think this would be an issue.

    - I like the idea about having review forums for each house. The review section is a straight up MESS. So hard to find anything.

    - I think rules need to be enforced on what kind of posts go where. Game threads either in their own forum or in General and people need to start following it and paying attention. Also, I know I'm an offender of this, but all of us girls need to start posting our threads in our own forums. No one is following this and I think it should start. Again, enforcing rules.

    You're awesome, Freaky! We appreciate you!

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  20. crumbie
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    crumbie Active Member

    just to reiterate what Rachel is saying, within 5 minutes, very recently, a poster, copy and pasted a new thread into 4 different forums. 9 words, 1 pic.
    I have no idea what house she is from, and I don't care to know, but shit like that is redonkulus. I can see where she's coming from
  21. HAHAHA Feelings. But yeah I hear you on that. If one is going to be on the internet, they need to learn to keep the butthurt in check and bawwws to a minimum. If being told you can't dominate a forum hurts your feelings, you're in for a rude awakening if you ever venture to the rest of the internet. Also no one is that special a snowflake, sorry to say.

    And it's going on without a stop because certain people still mentally live in the late 90s/early 2000s where this was how internet boards worked and can't seem to move past it or don't want to.
  22. ShyKyle87
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    ShyKyle87 Well-Known Member

    Its also not helping that a few board members are "superfans" so to speak. Often, they are fans of one lady who posts way too many threads, and participate in bumping 50+ of their threads. All of which would add to Rachel's concerns about ladies who don't post as many threads getting lost in the big spam rushes.

    Ideally, every lady would stick to their own brothel's forum and have just a few threads that organize all of their info. Unfortunately, since every lady is an independent contractor and is therefore competing with other ladies, the constant spamming won't stop unless board admins/mods put their foot down and change the way things are done. As Ruby mentioned, rules need to be enforced. And as harsh as this sounds, Kitti is correct that some feelings will have to be hurt in order to make the boards more enjoyable for everyone.
  23. I will make sure you can if you currently can't...all the girls (Only) should have access to it

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  24. Question 1: That sounds great 30 seems a good number.
    Question 2: 15 words seems a good minimum number too me. Though if there were a separate games forum, I don't think it should have a word count minimum nor against a maximum number of posts..

    It would be nice if the lineups that are posted would include what days of the week that lady will be at the ranch (doing lineups) and date range, if they aren't going to be there for the entire period.

    Moderators should be able to and actively moving threads from one forum to another, more appropriate, forum.
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  25. Just want you all to know that things are in progress to make changes as all of you have suggested - although possibly not to every degree you have suggested, trust me the concerns will be addressed and attempts will be made to solve this issues and make the board more productive and useful.
  26. No worries - we'll put down virtual tarps first.
  27. wrb55rosco
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    wrb55rosco Well-Known Member

    Here we go again...
  28. Interesting thing here - this is actually what a message board discussion should be like - topics that reply to other topics...Not just "me too". Even though its a topic ABOUT that...it is actually a great EXAMPLE of what a thread should look like.
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  29. Exactly! Actual conversation and discussion!
  30. That's originally what the "General Discussion" thread was designed for. There never used to be one for discussions like that. I'm open to other forum suggestions..HOWEVER, we don't want to get into a situation where there are so many threads we're back into a disorganized mess.
  31. I wonder if having a general forum and a separate game forum would be good? I see General as general questions and discussions such as, what is your favorite fetish, or even my Ruby Asks thread.

    I think that maybe some people will be deterred from going/posting in the General forum if they think it's all games.

    Also, I really think once final decisions are made about what forums there are going to be, a sticky needs to be made and retraining needs to be done about what kind of post goes where. Along with strict enforcement about girls posting promotional threads and their specific marketing content in their own forums. Even though I've done it, it has to stop. It's getting out of hand. Having the same thread in all the house forums is just another form of spamming.
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  32. Also, is there an option to add descriptions to the forums? That might help people when deciding where to post a thread.
  33. There are descriptions are under each forum name on the main page...
  34. There is a policy on this and it will be changing also...watch for changes...
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