Want to surprise my husband

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. I would like to surprise my husband for his 40th birthday and fulfill his fantasy of threesome. I am curious myself, just a little nervous. Looking for a little advise and encouragement. Also, Which Bunny's enjoy couples?
    I think I might have to have few cocktails prior, so I am not so nervous.
  2. You will have a great time. threesomes are the number one fantasy for men. He would rather do the threesome with you. Coming to the ranch is very safe, and you don't have to worry about guy hooking up with one of your girlfriends.

    About 50% of the Bunny's LIKE girls a lot, 25% are gay for pay, in other words they will do a girl for money but not in their personal life. 25% are what I call strictly Dickly, they only like Cock.

    I suggest you talk to the girls on the board and try to contact girls you like on the board.

    If you need any help pm me or Madam, we can help you.

    Let me know when you come visit, I will make sure your first time is a great experience for you. I can make the VIP room available for you at no charge and by a bottle of champagne for you to loosen up a little.
  3. Props to you Big D. for never ceasing to make MBR visitors feel comfortable and safe. You, Madam S. and all the bunnies are class acts and it is easy to see why MBR is the best choice for discriminating consumers.
  4. The frist time for couples is real important, it could be the beginning of something fun for both of them or a fucking disaster and the only time they play in a threesome.


    Any suggestions
  5. Easy, get all the bunnies around you in a circle. Close your eyes and have Madam S. turn you around a few times, and the then extend each hand in a different direction to point to a bunny. It doesn't get any better my friend.
  6. May I recommend Erin Daye. I know she'll take great care of you 8)
  7. hey If I bring my hubby for a 3some do I get the VIP room for no extra charge! LOL
  8. Thank you so much Dennis, I feel better about this. I appreciate all of your help, I am planning on coming up sometime in November or December. When I figure out the date, I will let you know. I would definitely take any suggestions of which girl I should choose. I do agree that it would be a lot safer and no strings attached. I just have to calm my nerves before that day arrives. Thanks again!
  9. OK, only because your from Oklahornie, pm me when your cummmmming.
  10. make it the weekend of nov 10 & 11th, big party.
  11. Hmm OklaHornie....
    heard OkieHoma , OklaHomos, Oklahomie, Pretty much everything but OklaHornie, Now I am gonna start saying that..LMAO

    hmm Big Party on Nov 10 and 11th, My b-day is Nov 8th and thats when I WANT to CUM but who knows, I got a conference in Dallas the following weekend and thats the wrong way..lol

    Hey Dennis, When are yall coming to OklaHornie?
  12. Just be here, you will CUM & CUM & CUM.
  13. couple parties

    the bunnys love couples and couples love bunnys.
    come on in and relax with a cocktail at our bar or in the parlor. take tours with the bunnys and you can ask them anything at the time. no time limit on getting yourself comfortable. take all the time in the world. we are open 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 365 days a year.

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