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Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by Maggman, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Well I had talked about going up there last weekend while I was in Tahoe getting in some snowboarding just to check things out before I come up there in March. My plan to only have a few drinks changed once I won some money at the blackjack tables.

    First I had to find the place. The fog was terrible and I live in the San Fran Bay Area so I know fog. I drove by the street a couple times before seeing it. I have to admit I was a little intimidated during the whole lineup but seeing some familiar faces from the boards here made it a little easier. Anna showed up just in time, I believe in her gym clothes but it didn't matter to much she was still much more pretty in real life than her pictures. She gave me a brief tour of the place.

    After she figured out who I was things went pretty good for me. We talked about my "real" trip in March and what I felt like that night. We settled on an activity but I told her I would like to get a drink first and meet some ladies I had been talking to on the boards.

    As for that it was nice to meet you Maya we will have to talk more next time I come up there. It was nice to talking to you too Laci and your room was nice, I still can't get over the fountain.

    Some where in there Anna found the time to change which she didn't have to do on my account she looked great as is. She did an excellent job at making me feel comfortable with it being my first time to a place like the Ranch. The hour was getting late and I had to get back to Tahoe so Anna and I had our party which I will consider a warm up for next time (at least I hope it was) and I was off into the fog again a much happier man than when I arrived.
  2. It was great getting to meet you! Can't go wrong with "warm up party" with Anna.
  3. It was pleasure meeting you. I am glad you fought your way through the fog to party. Anna is a great girl!
  4. Maggman,

    It was so nice meeting you! Sorry about the delay, the message board kind of slipped through the cracks lately. :(

    I'm glad you found us in that eery fog, crazy weather!

    Can't wait to see you next time!
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    Hey Anna, I thought you were just taking a walk down memory lane. [smilie=peek a boo!.gif]
  6. And I can't wait to come back up there. Trying to see if I can fit a trip in this month instead of next month.

    The for was weird even for me, and I see lots of fog here in the bay area. I forgot to mentioned that it was a freezing fog. I was afraid my car antenna was going to break off.
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