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  1. Hi Dennis and Suzette! I, like many others, have become fascinated with your show on HBO! I am recently divorced and very eager to get out of this beautiful, but limiting, state of Utah! I am just wondering how I would go about setting up an interview with you. I have no experience, but I am very eager to learn and experiment with new things! I love all of the bunnies I have watched on TV and feel this would be an excellent opportunity for me while I finish my Psychology degree! Any information you can offer me would be wonderful! Here are a few questions I have--

    Is previous experience required?
    Are there any up-front costs I should be aware of?
    If I were offered this opportunity, when could I start?
    Is there any sort of training? :roll: I mean, I know how to have sex and have been told I am very good at it, but I also realize this is a profession....
    What is the average amount of money that can be made monthly?

    Thank you soooooo much!!! I look so forward to hearing from you!!!
  2. Hi Karina,
    So you want to join to BunnyRanch, GREAT. Your first step is to email your pictures to [email protected] She will then get in touch with you and explain everything and how things work at the ranch. There is no experience required, but I'm sure you have some... HEHE. As far as cost there are some supplys that you will need (condoms, lube, toys, videos). We do offer training everyweek, Katrina is our house trainer and she will help you in any way possible. A lot of people always ask "how much money can I make?" The answer is the sky is the limit. You can make as little or as much as you want. Hope this helped you out! 'Till next time.....

  3. Dear Kris...

    How many requests to join do you get per day? Have you or Suzette ever received a picture and thought to yourselves..."you've got to be kidding"?!

    What is the most bizarre request for a "party" that you all have been asked to do?

    PS... tell diaper boy that a change is on the way!!!!
  4. AmishEyeCandy,
    We recieve hundreds of e-mails a day for "New Bunnies". As for your comment on the lesser attractive girls, we give everyone at the BunnyRanch a shot. Looks count but personality counts even more!
  5. Kris honey.... you're repeating yourself like a skipping record!!!
  6. I fixed it! HEHE for some reason the post went through twice! :D
  7. LOL thats ok... you can stutter for me anytime!!! :p
  8. bunnybabe

    hello, you can email me at [email protected] and I will explain everything to you. thank you for your interest.

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