Upcoming Vegas Event that would be PERFECT for advertising LRS & ACH

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  1. In the beginning of June, in Las Vegas there will be a multi day event called "Burlesque Hall of Fame". The whole event focuses on the art and the performance aspects among other things that go along with the burlesque lifestyle.

    Tickets just to get in to this aren't exactly cheap. So attendees will have money to spare.

    Remember - burlesque is not just performance art but the art of the tease - strip tease.

    So there likely would be many male (and maybe female) guests who are fired up by what they see on stage. However, of course, the performers cannot give them what they want, legally.

    Which leaves a couple of options -

    -these guests turn to the illegal side and see who they can pick up

    -or they know for sure there's a safe legal location full of beautiful ladies who will satisfy their desires.

    BHOF is still looking for sponsors, vendors, and even just advertising - http://bhofweekend.com/support/sponsor/ (Cut off for this is end of April)

    With ads presented to guests of this event if they are in the mood because of the nature of the performances they would know right away where to go to get their needs met. And this is a multi day affair. Meaning quite a few could show up at night after these shows ;)

    This just looks like a perfect opportunity to advertise the southern houses as it's with a market and demographic that likely would partake in the services offered.

    At one point in history burlesque performers were also courtesans themselves. That's obviously not the case anymore. But there's still a historical link between the performers and courtesans. If this opportunity were taken advantage of to the fullest essentially the burlesque acts would serve as "fluffers" while the courtesans satisfy their fantasies. ;)

    Just a thought!

    (I put this up in the Girls/Staff only suggestion board already, but then I felt perhaps more input from others would help. *shrug*)
  2. Great Idea..That Sounds Like A Plan.. image.jpg
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    Thats a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!
  4. I posted this in April. The event was the beginning of June. Nothing became of this idea despite my multiple attempts at showing its merits. Don't bump dead things, please. Check the date of the first post in a thread before replying to it. Because some have expiration points where they're no longer relevant and don't need to be resurrected.

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