Ultimate Fighting Championship in LA

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Brooke Taylor, May 28, 2006.

  1. Thanks for taking Bunny and myself to the Ultimate Fighting Championship in LA, Daddy!!! :D :D

    We had HO much fun!!
    It was incredible the amount of force behind those guys!!
    It hurt me just watching!! LOL :wink:

    The hotel was wonderful, the fight was amazing, but the best part was yours and Bunny's company!!! :wink:

    Spanks again, Daddy!! :D
  2. had a blast with the brookinator, daddy d, and dirty uncle ronnie.

    In my opinion there wasnt enough blood :( It was awesome though...very close call on the main fight with gracie and the dude from illinois.

    We saw lots of cool people, took lots of pictures, and signed some autographs....all in all it was a wonderful treat THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!

    Daddys the best :)
  3. Wow Bunny that sounded real gorey! Im glad you had fun!
  4. hee hee which part...the party with uncle ronnie or the part with UFC
  5. Oh Bunners....you know deep down you love our dirty Uncle Ronnie!!! :wink:
  6. Not sure which is the worst beating.Fighting in the Cage or Partying with Ronnie.........
  7. the REAL beating is the car ride when he's in the driver's seat! :D
  8. oh god im amazed we havent died in a car accident with him yet....im amazed dad even drives with him.

    he should have his own driver for the safety of america
  9. I'm surprised we havent ran out of gas with him!!! 8)
  10. yeah no kidding
  11. Ronnie drives like old people Fuck.Fortunately for him,he doesn't Fuck like old people drive..........
  12. Here's a couple pics of Bunny and I on our way home from LA



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