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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Me and the BunnyBabes did a show with Tyra last year it was a huge ratings show for Tyra.

    Now that the 4Th season of "Cathouse" on HBO is premiering Feb 10Th we decided to let Tyra do another show with us.

    The Tyra team rolls into the Bunnyranch tomorrow and will do interviews. Next Tuesday January 30Th team BunnyBabes goes to Los Angeles and will shot in Tyra's studio.

    Do you like Tyra?
  2. I have no doubt Dennis that it will be great!! I can't wait to watch it!!
  3. The crew rolls in today, we shoot tomorrow.
  4. Hi Dennis,

    Do you have an idea of when the Tyra show will air? I may have to either get a TiVo or play hooky from work that day. :-D

    Thanks for everything
  5. Hi Dennis! When will it air like in 3 weeks or so...?/?
  6. I don't like Tyra but I love her talk show. She can turn any subject into somehing about her. It's the best comedy on tv.
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    When will it be on

    Let us know when it will be on I would make time to watch it.
  8. hey dennis

    what bunnies are going too be taking to her show ?
  9. Re: hey dennis

    Eden, Kitten, Amy, Brooke.
    and tha lovley Madam Suzette, too.
  10. SWEET! I can't wait to watch it!
  11. I'm hearing the lovely, sexy Lexi Lovelace will be on the show. At least, thats what she tells me :wink:
  12. Dennis, Brooke, Madame Suzette, Amy, Kitten, & Eden were there

    You do get to see a few others on the taping at the ranch, and Amy's amazing HOOKER BOOT CAMP :wink:

    along w/ me and my hubby :D

    The show airs tomorrow WOOO HOOO!

    And as always the girls were FANTASTIC!!!


    Check for show times and channel 8)
  13. You get to see SEXY LEXI in a line up and Amy's boot camp.
  14. Tyra Show

    I just watched the show today and now I'm here :D I'll be around, catch ya soon.
  15. The best part of Amys boot camp was Sexy Lexi in that bed :D I just wish i was there with her :oops: :twisted:
  16. I love the Tyra Show! The ranch looks like so much fun and my favorite part was definitly Amy's hooker bootcamp! I don't get HBO so I have never seen the show, but I saw y'all on Tyra's show and now I'm here! Hopefully someday I'll get myself down to Nevada and work there someday!
  17. welcome to the board :)
  18. Just wanted to say I saw the show today and it was great. Everyone looked really nice and did well.
  19. Tyra Banks Show

    I thought that she was borderline. At the end of the show I felt that she dissed you, Madam Suzette and the girls! I am a fan of the show and think it's great! I watch with my husband......Thanks for what your bringing to TV, we really appreciate it.

    Damn cum be a Bunny or cum to my house.
  21. I posted what I thought of the Tyra show on Madame Suzettes topic about it.. Ill say it here too..
    Tyra made it seem like the ladies were from another planet and like she was so much better then them.. She acted like she has never, as she put it, "sold her body" and she made a fool out of herself!

    I thought the ladies and Dennis and Madame Suzette were great though!!! Much love to all the ladies and everyone at the ranch!
  22. You nailed it?

    In T defense, she was really nice off camera and we all had fun with her
  23. Im sure she was. I don't want to be mean or anything. I watched the show with a few people and they were convinced that she was just reading the cards or saying what she was told to.. It was a good show, don't get me wrong but I just thought she was alittle quick to point fingers.. HI DENNIS!!!!
  24. She wants you to come back so she can't be a total ass, Her show needs the ratings
  25. She is Tyra, she wants the controversey more then the real story of what is really going on at the BUNNY RANCH....

    The next show you should have Tyra personally come stay at the MLBR and try TRUE LIFE OF A BUNNY :wink:

    I mean she went to Jail one time, she could try being a bunny without actually doing anything just pass them on like the girl who didnt give BJ'S

    She could sit at the bar or something LOL

    Now that would make a good show :twisted:
  26. Tyra Show


  28. I cant belive what im reading on here! Tyra put the girls down and said straight faced she wouldnt sell her body for money??? WTF she did!!! She was a model right? Well whats that?? I mean yea your tryin to sell an outfit or something but whos body is selling it?? And whos getting paid BIG For it!!?? TyRa!!!!! SHE HAS SOLD HER BODY! Dont put my family down. Weather you are reading a card or not tell what you truley feel! Thats whys its called THE TYRA SHOW! im SO freakin glad i didnt se that one i usally watch that show she has great Topics and i didnt know that one was out (sorry Daddy the computer Crashed!) but get real i cant belive she even got close to saying The Bunny Ranch is in anyway wrong. WE take pictures and have FUN! something she didnt get to do she had to Starve for things while awaiting a call! I liked her until now! now she seems like another Judge Judy to me! knows shes been there but acts like shes better! Wait that Tiff huh?!!! lol

    Just me,

  29. Im almosy posative you know my answer Daddy! Ill tell you tomorrow when i talk to you i think thats complete!!!!! BULL SHIT! she shoulda told HER feelings not the producers! Yes i know she has sold her body why do you think she has so many fans !!! HER BODY! Same thing we ( i would ) LOve to do at the bunny ranch

    Just me:

  30. That means one thing daddy she was fake on cam and made you look Bad thats why i say TYRA SUCKS! and shes fake think about it people! She did at one time sell her body Right? Whats the bunny ranch do give people what they want and thats what our girl tyra did am i right?

    Just me:
  31. Hello All. Newbie here!

    I wanted to respond to one of the girls replies regarding TYRA.

    In my opinion TYRA does well by exposing certain topics and teaching people what's going on in the 'real' world.

    HOWEVER, I think she's waaaay too judgmental and her facial expressions express that in great detail. If she doesn't agree w/ someone she gets this snotty look on her face and starts doing the 'sizing you up stare' What a turnoff. No wonder why she can't have a real relationship with a man!!

    She fails to realize that she was a model who exposed her body for money too! Perhaps she hasn't had sex for money but I'm sure that 98% of the men weren't interested in her for her intellectual mind.

    If she wants to play TALKSHOW HOST she needs to act like a journalist. She needs to be a little more professional and that means putting ALL of HER OWN judgment aside. A journalist/talkshow host is there to HOST not to judge.

    She is obviously lacking some sort of confidence in herself! As much as she tries to be a heroin on her show she exploits people who come from different backgrounds and lifestyles! If these people aren't like her or do not MEET HER STANDARDS she becomes this annoying CATTY BITCH!

    Personally, I think that shows a lack of maturity not to mention DISCRIMINATION. Here's a woman who claims she's trying to get all woman together to love, celebrate and encourage our strenghts but in the end she fails to do her part. What a hippocrate!

    People like her should take a closer look in the mirror. NO ONE knows why people make certain choices in their lives but if it's good for them, then why must me we all feel compelled to judge others for what they do?? I just don't understand why it's so important to us what a complete stranger does with their own life??????? It's beyond me....

    Granted, I wish I was doing the things I dreamed of doing all my life but unfortunately the hand I was delt was different than I had planned...

    Believe you me, sometimes (95% of every day lol) I wish there was a way for me to make a ton of money w/o having to work my ass off but I choose to do other things and find ways to make ends meet. I never judge others for what they do in any aspect of their life. Who am I? And what right do I have to judge anyone? Ya know? lol

    One thing I learned through my adversities is...NEVER JUDGE ANYONE, FOR YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN THEIR OWN LIVES! I think Tyra needs to learn that...Fast.

    Anywho, let me shut up now! LOL!

    Hope everyone is well.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    SmittenKitten aka JR :D
  32. I also wanted to add that allot of models are excorts and have sex for money as well...So she needs to do a show on them too! What's fair is fair...RIGHT?
  33. Re: Tyra Show

  34. Man or woman we have all put Out for something one time or another, none of us are any better then the other. I guarantee 85% of the Bunnies are more intelligent than Tyra would ever think of being. Tyra was just trying to make TV ratings. Let me ask this question, who was more real Tyra or Dennis and the Bunnies?????? Think about it!
  35. Exactly! lol

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