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  1. We will shoot the Tyra Banks show in L.A. Feb 9Th.

    Do you like Tyra and what Bunnies should Ho, I mean go?

  2. Dennis,

    When is the show going to air? Please let us know. Any of the bunnies would be great on the show. You probably better include Brooke and Bunny in the mix. I wouldn't mind seeing Audrey on there, as well. :D
  3. Tyra has an awesome show...
  4. Of course the bunnies should HO, i mean go!! Tyra's new show is awesome - she keeps it real!!
  5. want to do the show?
  6. I love Tyras show she is great, and keeps it real with everyone. she says it like it is. :wink:
  7. Maybe whats the show going to be about?
  8. BunnyBabes.
  9. Brooke, Audrey, Jenny.. add Lexi in there.. My heart couldnt' take it.. :D

    all very beautiful, extremely attractive hot women.. :D
  10. Awww thank you EP!!! Your such a sweetheart!
  11. Jenny, you are one of the ladies I would really like to meet. Im sorry I haven't come thru with your present but I'm having problems.. :cry: :cry:

  12. Please don't cry! Having great supporters like you is a present in itself!
  13. There is one thing I know.. Valentine's Day is coming.. knowing my personality, you know whats coming... I'm very determined ! People may not see me on here for a while, thats all... :lol:
  14. i agree with Jenny, EPaMan, you are a sweetheart - and a very loyal friend..thank you!! :)
  15. Brooke and Jenny,

    Thank you for the compliments. If I can do anything about it.. in 3 weeks, you'll see how much of a sweetheart I can be. Sorry.. I won't be visiting.. but I think Brooke has an idea of what I'm going to do. :D
  16. Ill do the show

    I will do the show I can be the "Future" Bunny Babe.. What do ya say? :D
  17. Re: Ill do the show

    i like it send some pics to [email protected] don't worry about glam pics just send what you have.

    They might love it.
  18. Hi

    wow I didn't realize February 9th was sooo close so its probably too late for that but I sent ya few photos anyways :)
  19. the blonde

    I'm the blonde in the photos.. with the pink swimsuit on..
  20. Tyra is great. Would love to meet her sometime! I'd say any of the girls would be great! Definitely Bunny!
  21. Please....Make sure to announce when the show will be aired. I also like Tyra.. but can't always watch it. But I won't miss it if you tell us when!!
  22. Dennis, That is so FREAKIN cool! I LOVE that woman. She's so down to earth & like others have said, she keeps it real. & she represents! I actually would LOVE to see her reaction to you & the Bunnies! I'd love to see all of epaman's picks as well. I think it might be interesting t.v. to have Katnip there too. She's got a good story, right? And, she's kinda new, so she could bring that element to it. Also, she's not the "perfect" woman body type either. I think she gorgeous! O, wait, she's from Bunny Ranch II, right? Does that matter? Well, whom ever you chose, it'll be great! Please tell us when it airs so I can DVR it! Thanks!
  23. What do I have to do with this ? :lol: I'm out of it... :lol:
  24. Bunnies on Tyra

    I think that you should take Shelly Dushell. I have noticed on the show that she is extremely intelligent. She giggles and bounces when she is supposed to and she carries herself with confidence and grace..
  25. Re: Bunnies on Tyra

    Thank you KendraMoon! I really appreciate all the nice things you and others have said about my TV appearances. I think I'll bow out of this one as much as I love Tyra and her show. I think it's these other girls turns to have their say. I've said so much and I got the ball rolling that we are real people with intellect. I've traveled so much already that I'm a little tired of it all and I'm trying to get ready for the Art Expo in New York March 2-6.
    I know the show will go great and the girls will represent the ranch well. I will be working at the ranch until Feb.18th and then I'll be off to prepare and go to the art show. I'll return on March 10th.
  26. I would love to do Tyra's show!!! How does a sweet little Mormon girl such as I end up here?? haha
  27. Jazzy is a top notch pick..........for ANYTHING, including this!
  28. Thanks, Poet! That would be soo much fun!
  29. If Jazzy is going, I'm watching!
  31. Re: Hi

    Send them to me at [email protected], maybe you can do another show that is coming up.

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