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  1. Denis,

    First I like to say I love the series and hope for a new season. At 53 years young I have always thought and said selling sex should be legal in every state.

    I was just wondering if the ''Twins" worked out? If not did you finally find another steady gal?

  2. Daddy D is dating Brooke Taylor as far as I know. But things may have changed by now! Go 'head Daddy D!!!

    Donna D :D
  3. new gal for dennis

    dennis new gal is brooke taylor. I know he keeps in touch with da twins though. we have known them for years. I am sure we have not seen the last of those funny gals.
  4. the twins seemed coked up constantly! perhaps they were just naturally hyper?
  5. They did not do any drugs they are quirky as hell together, I like them one on one better than together.

    NOW that the twins fantasy is fulfilled, does anyone have triplets for me to meet.
  6. OH my, triplets dam don't you ever get tired!!!

  7. We all need goals don't we.
  8. Dennis,

    Didn't you get to meet the Playboy triplets when you recently visited Hef's mansion?

    Have a happy holiday season!

    Best regards,
    Speed Racer
  9. Are there any twins working at either ranch? That sounds like an awesome fantasy to fulfill.
  10. Not know, but I think a cool thresome tght know would be.

    Liv Wylder
    April Luv

    All three young hot blondes, with KILLER bods and looks.
  11. Good choice, Domino! I bet you'd have fun with those 3!
  12. No they were not there.

    Are they even around any more?
  13. I think one just married Dr Phil's son.
  14. If so I hope he has more personality than dad. I did his show with the twins,
    my dog Domino is a much nicer little fellow.
  15. On The Next Dr Phil....Doc 3 some vs Dr Phil

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