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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. the question is Why ???
  2. yeah seriously, Why would you want to do that???
    the only thing that comes to my mind is maybe you caught talking on here when you wasnt supposed to be??????????
  3. Why so harsh on yourself???
    I know I aint the prettiest girl but I can still dream of bunnies and I WILL go to the ranch someday soon.
    Enjoy the conversations on here and quit worrying about what you look like!
  4. I understand the need to move on sometimes Sith. Good luck to you.

    Try sending a PM to Jenny Lane and maybe she can delete your account.

  5. You still seem very active on the board for someone who wants to leave and have all their posts deleted.................
    Did you have a change of heart?
  6. It sounds to me like you need to hang at the Bunny Bar with me and talk to the girls, you will find you are totally wrong, Bunnies love everyone!!
  7. You'd be suprised at how imporatant personality is to a woman. I've seen a lot of your posts and you seem like a great guy and trust me thats not something any woman or bunny can ignore.
  8. You are so right, personality & attitude are much more important than anything else.
  9. Sith:

    It sounds like you're really down on yourself because of how you think you look. I know you didn't ask my advice, but I'm going to tell you what I think anyway, because I hate to see someone, especially a young person, get himself into that kind of mindset.

    First, you shouldn't be concerned about what other people think about your looks, personality or anything else. You are who you are and if you are comfortable with how you look it shouldn't matter what other people think. Anyone who would make a judgement about you because of your looks isn't worthy of your consideration.

    Secondly, I think you are underestimating the women who are connected with the Bunny Ranch. They are certainly amazingly beautiful, every one of them, but you shouldn't assume that their own beauty somehow makes them judgemental of the men they encounter. They are, I believe, as beautiful inside as out, and they won't treat you differently than any GQ underwear model that might come in to the Ranch.

    Dennis Hof has made himself a great success through great skill and savvy, but also in part by associating himself with ladies who are first-class, in more than just physical appearance.

    I hope you get the chance to come out here and see for yourself someday. In the meantime, have confidence in yourself and don't let negative thoughts about how you think you look cause you to underestimate yourself as a person. Looks are not everything. If you think I am wrong, get hold of a picture of Bill Gates.

    Keep fighting, little brother. And hang around, because we're enjoying talking with you.


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