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  1. :D Dennis and Madam Suzette, Yesterday, for the first time I had the pleasure of watching the first Cathouse. I bought the DVD online from BestBuy.Com and I was very impressed with the show. Dennis, I must say that you looked so handsome and Madam Suzette, you looked so beautiful. I enjoyed every second of the show. I was quite impressed and I was also overwhelmed. OMG!!! The girls that were on the show (Sunset Thomas, Airforce Amy, Felicia Ryder, Deanna, Heather, Karla and anyone else I forgot to mention) were extremely beautiful!!! I briefly saw Alexis Fire, too. Wow!!! :shock: I was actually standing at attention as I was watching the show and hearing their voices. :oops: I really enjoyed watching Cathouse. Cathouse is AWESOME and I hope Cathouse 2: Back In The Saddle and the Cathouse series will be on DVD someday. Watching Cathouse made me feel like I was actually at the ranch. It looks like a wonderful place and I must say that I am really looking forward to visiting next November. Thank You, Dennis and Madam Suzette!!! :D
  2. Thank you, they are working on the new ones now, you might even see the 11 week series before number 2
  3. i didnt see cathouse yet, cant wait to see it!

    btw, im on the go so dont email me here..

  4. :D You're very welcome, Dennis! When I visit the ranch next November, I would like to shake your hand and buy you a drink at the bar, if I may :D

  5. :D Are you referring to DVD's :D

  6. :D Cathouse is AWESOME, my dear :D
  7. You are sooo welcome

    thank you so much for all your compliments. look for our new series coming out on feb 10th 2007
  8. Re: You are sooo welcome

    :D You're quite welcome, Madam Suzette :D
  9. Canada does not allow pay tv does it?

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