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  1. ...can you help me? I have 2 questions for you guys:

    1) Which is better, lineup or appointment? I'm a newbie so any responses will be greatly appreciated.

    2) Based on looks and party satisfaction, who are your top 5 bunnies?
  2. 1) It depends...if there is a particular bunny you are interested in or you have a particular request I would go with an appointment. However, if I were adventurous and didn't have a clue I who I wanted, then a lineup...but that is a personal decision.
    2) My list is different than that of kevinz, I think everybody has their own personal favorites. My five would be:
    a. Laci Ann
    b. Summer Paige
    c. Air Force Amy
    d. Maya Love
    e. tie Paris Michaels and Logan Landry.

    i know this doesn't help much, but like cars your smileage may vary ;)
  3. Bunny / Love Ranch Visitors

    You are bound to get many different responses to this question. There is no right response.

    First, welcome to the message board.

    Second, use the message board. There is a search function. Or just scroll through several pages of the recent postings looking for appointments, lineups, newbie, first time, first trip, etc.

    Third, look at the pictures of the featured bunnies / cowgirls.

    Fourth, read the Real Life Ranch Reports. Associate the postings with the pictures.

    Fifth, the top bookers (Bunny of the Month) are listed in the Monthly Newsletters.

    Sixth, there is a thread “Top Five Bunnies That I Would Like to Bang.” Every list is different with no real consensus.

    Remember: All the ladies are desirable to a wide range of men. All the ladies are making a successful living. All will provide a memorable party.

    What are you looking for? GFE? PSE? Special activity / fantasy? Tall / short lady? Less / same / more than your weight? Young / more experienced? Emphasis on a specific body type / body part? Blond / brunette / red head? Lots of choices that might be of different importance to you.

    Consider the type of party that you want and your finances. Longer times and more activities will require a deeper pocket, but ask and negotiate with the lady of your choice.

    Check the pictures of the featured Bunny Babes for some ideas. Check the biweekly postings of the MLBR and Love Ranch for those ladies likely to be working during an approximate two week period. Some ladies do not work specific days and all work shifts. Check the bunny signature pictures on the message board for more specific availability dates and working schedules. E-Mail or PM some of the ladies to check their available for a given date and time. Make a short list of names. Consider an appointment if you must see a specific lady.

    There are so many beautiful ladies in a lineup. It will be hard to decide and choose if you have not previously considered what you would find most desirable.

    I make appointments for at least my first two parties during a visit and sometimes I leave some open days and then make appointments in the parlor after a conversation with a lady for a party on a subsequent date. Sometimes I make appointments for all of my planned parties to accommodate the various arrival and departure dates of specific ladies that I would like to visit.

    You will have to do your homework. Go and have fun. You will never forget the experience.
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    Re: Bunny / Love Ranch Visitors

    Harold is absolutely right. I am lucky enough to be in the middle of my first trip to the Bunny Ranch (I am working in the Reno are this week). I specifically joined the message board to learn about the Ranch and the various Bunny Babes when I knew I would be making a trip to Reno. You can plan this like you would any big event in your life. Check out the Bunny Babes pictures, check the posts by various board members, email the Bunnies you are potentially interested in. Many of them will even speak with you on the phone. Get to know them and ask any questions you might have. If you have any questions of the various board members you can also email them for information. I have found this community of both board members and Bunnies to be be a very friendly helpful group.

    One thing to consider regarding whether to go the lineup or the appointment route is that some of the ladies only work by appointment (I know that Max is one of those and I am sure that there are others as well). I made appointments with the ladies I am partying with this first trip because I wanted to spend time with specific Bunnies, but that's me. You may find the idea of experiencing the chemistry or attraction to a particular lady in the lineup to be a thrill. Harold is so right in that there is no right way or wrong way. Just do what sounds good to you. Do your homework and then enjoy your trip when you get here.

  5. Hey babe welcome to the message board !!! If you have any personal questions you can always PM us !!! The bunnies that take the time to bo active members on this message board would love to personally help you plan the perfect experience for you !!! Everyone is different has different needs, wants, and fantasies... If you PM us we can point you in the right direction !!! :lol:

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