the tyra banks air date

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by MadamSuzette, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. our show on the tyra banks show will be aired feb. 21st. can not wait.
  2. I can't wait either!! :) I've got a reminder note right on my TV so I don't forget!! :)
  3. it's on my calender !
  4. Now I'm all excited n stuff! That should be very interesting.
  5. ruby lips

    I have to tell you. I love the lips. are those yours? what a great idea for a party.
  6. Madam Suzette, that's the same thing I said! I LOVE Tyra, BTW! & can't wait to see the show!
  7. I'm soo excited!
  8. Re: ruby lips

    Hey Suzette,
    No, those arn't my lips but everyone seems to like them ;)
    You're right it would be a great idea for a party.
  9. Re: ruby lips

    kristopher, lets try to recreate these lips at the house one nite. lets pick out the best lips that this would work for and Ill get the materials. how fun. in fact, lets do it to all the ladies in line up.
  10. Re: ruby lips

    When you do, please take pictures for us to see!! :D

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