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  1. I have been visiting brothels here in Northern Nevada for awhile. After a party at the BR II I was told about the Web Site. I started reading the posts and enjoyed reading about the different girls. I notice I was becoming very intrigued by this one girl Animal. She seemed very determined to join this organization so I searched for all her posts and read her saga. One of the posts I noticed she changed her name to Bentley Jo BECAUSE she was hired!! WOW She did it. So then I started reading Bentley Jo's posts. After reading what she was doing, I realized I must party with her on my next trip through town.

    I set up an appointment with Bentley Jo.

    Upon my arrival I received the world's greatest hug. Now I must tell all I really don't like hugs BUT that has changed!! Bentley Jo gave me a tour of the ranch because I have never been there before. We went to her room and chatted for awhile. I felt so relaxed I couldn't believe it. We partied and I'll tell you 2 hours after I left I was still feeling the great effects of her efforts.

    I couldn't wait for Bentley Jo to come back to town. When she arrived back I tried to be her fist party but she ended up feeling ill sooooo I waited until July 4Th.

    I met her in the morning (hope I wasn't too early for you) and we talked, laughed and partied for over 2 hours.

    If you want to feel relaxed and happy then I recommend time with Bentley Jo. You will laugh and she WILL make you smile. She is always ready for you and wants YOU to be the satisfied party.

    She deserves what she gets and she will be getting plenty from me in the next few weeks.

    Thanks Hun...Thanks.
  2. I saw that hug! Bently is Hella cool and makes me laugh alot. FYI she thinks you are great and always is very excited to see you and can't wait for the outdate.
    See you on the 17th when you come and get my girl! ;)
  3. YIPPIE SKIPPIE My first real life report! Stop it yall! you are makin me blush :roll: I dont think the rossie red cheaks will do well with my feckals! I do have a great time with you to hun, a more relaxed! I look forward to hangin out with you soon :) BIG BIG SMILE! You deff bring a smile to my face! Get ready.....
    ~Bentley Jo
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    Haven't partied with Bentley Jo but I met her on my last Jaunt to Bunny Land she is a freakin riot cracked me up a number of times. I did get a great hug from her too. I love Bunny Huggin lol Well to bentley is was awesome to meet you and I am glad Mr. Big had a great time with you twice.
  5. I am glad you got to experience the ray of sunshine! She is an amazing person to know.

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