The New Bentley!

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  1. Hey yall, So if you have been fallowin my posts you'll know that I usto be The Animal" Now I am officalley "Bentley Jo"! :) I know my new pictures are not yet up under the bunny babe section but as soon as Madam Suzzet gets a free second(She is a very busy lady) They will be up! I have a few new ones that will be incuded on the 'Bunny Babe' Section on my myspace which is! So check them out and if you like what you see feel free to e-mail me at the Bunny Ranch which is [email protected]! I will be GLAD to answer any and all of your questions! I will always answer every e-mail! You have my word on it....Sounds like the bell....gatta run! Cant wait to hear from you!

    "Enjoy your body, Use it everyway U can! Dont be afraid of it, or what people think of it. Its the greatest instrament youll ever own"
  2. Congrats! Good luck.
  3. yeah girrrrrrrrrrl!
  4. Congrats

    congratulations girlie...I am excited for you!
  5. Congratulations on becoming a bunny, Bentley. And I do think Bentley Jo works much better than The Animal in this context. ;)

    I have heard great things about you.
  6. you have :) BIG BIG smile, what heard!?!? BIG SMILE
  7. Cant wait till she is working im there
  8. Can't wait to meet the New Bentley JO in a few weeks. Hoosier charm and a hot body, what more can a guy want
  9. Well boys :) BIG SMILE Just e-mail me and I will move my dates to when you are there :) I love e-mails :)
    ~Bentley Jo
  10. bentley jo

    welcome back to the bunnyranch bentley jo!!!
  11. well thank you mommy dearest :) It feels so great to be back home I dont ever wana leave :)
  12. Howdy doody everyone :) I just wanted to drop in and say I'm still here and alive :) I've gotten a few e-mails sayin how's come your not al over the message board? Crack heads....haha Jk.....I thought I was all over this like stink on poo poo! But Bentey Jo Is still here in bunny land...tryin not to get on everyones nerves with all the crazy things I do! OHHHHH LMAO I stole all the red bulls from on tp of the bar the other day and shoved them down my my stockins...pretty much everywhere! Let me be the first to tell you....It's hard to run away from the bar tender tryin to hold in like 12 red bulls....this should be a "dont try this at home kiddies" poster! LMAO Just another random chapter from the "Bentley's Diaries" haha
    ~Bentley Jo
  13. Hey everyone!!! I heard the best song in the world! Ijust had to share it with all of you on here! You can youtube it if you want it's called "Everyone's Free to Wear Sunscrean" By Baz Luhrmann
    Very touchin! I hope yall love it just as much as I do! Let me know what you think ok?
    ~Bentley Jo
  14. I highly recommend that everyone take the Hoosier Bentley for a test drive.

    She is so much fun around the ranch, she has to be fun in bed.
  15. YES YES YES!!

    [smilie=mylove.gif] 8)
  16. Yes your fun? Or yes your good in bed?

    Hopefully for my clients, Both!
  17. Yes in and out of bed, and thanks for giving her the BJ advice :).
  18. She wore a great polka dot outfit last night, make her model it for you.
  19. Hmmmm...the things she keeps from me :).

    I guess she know what she's going to wear in two weeks.
  20. haha I dunno if that's the kinda outfit you'd wanna be seen with me on a boat with there hun! But i will more then happily put it on and run around the room in it! "LOOK AT ME LOK AT ME" te hee
    ~Bentley Jo
  21. Bentley, You show them how the Indiana girls do it.... We know how to handle them BIG or small....

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